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10 ingredients for the perfect holiday timber lodge

By Helen Pentith  //  Wed 26th February 2014
Hollicarrs Timber Lodge Yorkshire

If you’re planning on buying or renting a holiday cottage, static caravan or timber lodge, how do you know if you’re making the right choice? There are countless different things to look out for when you’re making a decision, whether you’re planning on staying for a week, two weeks, or looking to make a long-term investment. Here at Escrick Park, we offer some of the best luxury holiday lodges in Yorkshire at Hollicarrs. If you’re looking at buying a holiday home, here are 10 different aspects it’s important to consider first of all...

#1: Location – The first decision you have to make is where in the country you’d like your holiday home to be located. Narrow it down as much as you can, whether by region, county, national park or nearest city or village. If there’s a particular part of the world that you’re especially enamoured with, start by looking in the vicinity.

#2: Accessibility – If the precise location of your property isn’t of paramount importance, the accessibility of the holiday home might help you make your decision. Whether you’re looking for a railway station, bus route or A-road, don’t forget to think about how you’re actually going to get there – and whether you’ll be able to face the journey on a regular basis.

#3: Space – Space is especially vital if you’re buying a holiday lodge, rather than renting the property on a seasonal basis. If you’re planning on spending more than a couple of weeks at your property each year, you’ll need the extra space for all your essential belongings. Spacious rooms and generous garden areas make your holiday home all the more relaxing – exactly what you want when you’re getting away from it all.

#4: Recreation – The Hollicarrs offers its residents a wide variety of recreational options, from a private fishing lake, tennis court and bowling green to nature trails and cycling routes. If you’re searching for a holiday home, you’ll probably want to make sure you can access all of the activities you enjoy, as well as some new ones to try out.

#5: Health – Many of the residents in our holiday lodges purchase our properties so that they can escape from the stresses of everyday life. Our lodges’ green and open surroundings mean that any air pollution disperses quickly – not like in tight, canyon-like city streets where carbon monoxide and other pollutants are trapped for hours. Low air pollution levels mean that you’re less likely to have respiratory problems, and asthma sufferers can enjoy a welcome relief.

#6: Nature – Holidays give us the chance to get in touch with nature. Whether its a stroll through native woodland or heathland or an afternoon of bird watching, the Hollicarrs offer plenty of chances to study plants, spot wildlife and immerse yourself in nature. We also offer regular nature walks and talks to our residents here at the Escrick Park estate.

#7: Bespoke furnishings – Our lodge owners are extremely grateful for the chance to choose the furnishings for their holiday lodges. We even offer bespoke lodge designs. Getting to influence the design of your lodge will only make you more attached to it – and you’re more likely to enjoy your time there.

#8: Day trip potential – On-site facilities might go some way to helping you choose your perfect holiday home, but chances are that you won’t want to stay on-site for your entire stay. Think about the locations and attractions that you could visit in a day, from nearby market towns to theme parks and historical properties.

#9: Awards  – If you’re looking for a particularly luxurious timber lodge, you might want to look at the awards and plaudits the holiday resort has received. The Hollicarrs, for example, has received a five star VisitBritain award. In addition, the estate was also awarded the David Bellamy Special Distinction Award for Conservation for our work on the creation of the Three Hagges Wood – an honour that few parks have ever been granted.

#10: Luxury – Holidays are all about treating yourself, so it’s important that you allow yourself a little luxury. If you’re looking for a timber lodge in Yorkshire, Hollicarrs offers a range of different luxury lodge layouts for you. Some even include spas and walk-in wardrobes!

These ten points are just the start of the decision making process. Visiting the holiday parks and lodges on your shortlist is the only way of knowing for sure whether the holiday lodge is right for you, so contact us now if you’re interested in the Hollicarrs lodges and would like to arrange a viewing.

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