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A guide to: planning the perfect proposal

By Helen Pentith  //  Wed 16th October 2013

A guide to: planning the perfect proposal

Proposing to someone you love needn’t be the nerve-wracking, terrifying experience it’s believed to be. When the time comes that you feel you want to pop that all important question, you should let your heart speak for you, and allow your happiness and excitement to block out any nerves or feelings of anxiety. Of course, to ensure the moment is absolutely perfect, you will need to do a little planning, taking into consideration whether or not you’d like it to be a big event, or something more private. Luckily, when it comes to finding the ideal wedding location and planning the perfect day, the team at Escrick Park are well equipped, and are brimming with ideas! Take a look at our guide to planning the perfect proposal…

Make it a surprise

A proposal is always made so much more magical when it is a surprise, so make sure you don’t let the cat out of the bag! If you’re planning to take your partner away to propose to them, perhaps to a rural hideaway or lodge, make sure you don’t reveal the reason, and if you must confide in your friends, make sure you can trust them not to say anything. Many people worry that when they ask their partner’s parents, as you are traditionally required to do, they might tell them in advance, but you should just hope that they want the moment to be just as special as you do.

Pick the perfect location

The location of your proposal will depend on whether you would prefer to make a rather public proposal, or do it a little more intimately. Often, couples prefer to make their partners the centre of attention, and propose at an event or in a restaurant, somewhere in public. In which case, you need to find a place that has either a romantic feel or is of personal significance to either you or your partner. Sometimes, the most meaningful of proposals is when the couple are on their own, in a romantic, comfortable setting. At Escrick Park, there are a range of beautiful locations within our grounds that would be ideal. Why not take your partner horseriding, and stop by our gorgeous lake, or in view of a fantastic sunset?

Think of the little things

Is there a particular song you could play or story you could tell to lead up to the moment? There might be a box with a special meaning you could present the ring in, or another little gift you could offer your partner before you offer them the ring. These are little things that will add to the occasion. You must also take into consideration that as the spontaneous journey to another location was a surprise, your partner won’t be very prepared, so you must make sure that you have thought of everything for them. Are they likely to need warm clothes, a swimming costume or walking shoes? You will want to ensure that they are comfortable and prepared for whatever you surprise them with!

Prepare yourself!

While it’s all well and good busying yourself making the preparations, you mustn’t forget to prepare yourself too. You don’t need to plan a speech, but it will help to think about what you would like to say, and how you will say it, so that you don’t find yourself tongue tied. Speak to friends that have been there and done it, and gather some advice! Take deep breaths, and make sure you’re calm and collected when you finally ask your partner to marry you. Try not to be too nervous, you don’t want to give it away!

At Escrick Park, we not only offer the perfect backdrop for a wonderful proposal, but for a countryside wedding reception too. So, should you get the answer you were hoping for, why not return to the moment where it all began to celebrate your love for one another? If you’re interested in exploring how Escrick Park can accommodate your individual and unique ideas, contact a member of our team, today.
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