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A guide to spring-cleaning your holiday home!

By Helen Pentith  //  Mon 14th April 2014

Have you been making the most of your holiday home during the winter months? It’s always nice to escape to a cosy lodge to wrap up warm by the fire and enjoy the ever-changing countryside through the frosty window, but now that the days are getting brighter and longer, it might be time for a change. We’re not suggesting you find somewhere new to spend your spare time this spring, but simply to transform your current holiday home from a winter hideaway into a relaxing spring retreat! It’s not unusual to spring clean your home in time for the season’s change, but not many think to do the same in their holiday lodge. Take a look at our helpful guide for tips on the changes you could make when spring cleaning your holiday home…

Out with the old…

Once you’ve owned your holiday home for a while it’s likely that stuff will begin to pile up around you. If the stack of shoes for all seasons is growing in size, the various pieces of sports equipment are starting to fall out of the cupboard and books are overflowing from the shelves to the coffee table, it’s time to have a sort out! Do you really need to keep those old tennis shoes you never wear or those outdated magazines? A spring clean is your chance to be brutal and get rid of things you haven’t used or worn in years, whether you give them away to a charity, recycle them or just bin them, you’ll feel far more relaxed once you have more room to breathe! with the new

Once you’ve cleared a lot of space, you can start thinking about any new purchases you’d like to make and where you might like to put them. Are you keen to take up a new hobby this spring or try an activity you’ve always wanted to have a go at? Now you’ll finally have the room to store the necessary equipment. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about putting some artwork on the walls but didn’t want to make the space feel cluttered, now that your tables are clear and shelves tidy, some art on the walls might look fab! Now that you’ve cleared your decking of the plants that didn’t survive the winter, why not consider adding a swing seat from which you could enjoy reading on a mild spring day?


At Escrick Park, your holiday lodge is yours to do with as you please, which is why every lodge looks different. If you decorated your holiday home when you first moved in and have been there awhile now, perhaps it’s time for a change. A fresh coat of paint can make a real difference to how you feel when you’re in your lodge, helping to brighten up the place and enable you to feel calm and relaxed. Now that it’s spring, you might like to opt for bright, spring colours to give your lodge an airy feel, instead of warming colours that may have been cosy during the winter months. Why not reupholster your furniture to make it look as good as new?


If you’d rather not redecorate, why not rearrange the place instead? You may have positioned your furniture close to the fire to keep warm during winter, so perhaps you could now move them away and make something else the focal point. You could create a new seating area in part of the room that catches more sunlight during the day or position your favourite chair next to the window so you can enjoy the view with your cup of tea and daily paper. If you’re forever trying to locate books and DVDs among a large collection, take the opportunity to put them into some sort of order to make finding that one film or book you fancy getting lost it all the easier.

The range of holiday homes and timber lodges available at Hollicarrs are beautifully furnished and roomy and can all be adjusted to suit your needs. With fantastic views, a wealth of local wildlife and a wide range of activities available to try right on your doorstep, a holiday home at Escrick Park is perfect for any time of the year. To find out more about our holiday homes or to come and view one, get in touch with our team today.

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