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At your leisure - your rural downtime

By Helen Pentith  //  Thu 20th June 2013
rural downtime

When you’re working every day in the city, crammed onto packed tubes and buses, spending your time hunched over a computer and never saving yourself time for lunch, what do you do to relax? When you eventually find the time, how do you unwind and take a break from it all? Having a glass of wine in the pub around the corner, dinner in the Italian at the end of the street or spending an hour pounding the treadmill at the gym may seem like good ways to de-stress, but how do they compare to downtime in the countryside? What if, the moment you stepped out of your rural office, you were able to step into the picturesque, pastoral bliss of rolling hills, beautiful lakes and stunning woodland to enjoy a range of activities that lay waiting right at your doorstep? That would be real, rural downtime...


Walking or hiking is not only fantastic exercise, but it is a great way to burn off some steam and clear your head, and in the countryside you’ll have the scenery to go with it. Make the most of the wildlife in the area, discover a butterfly meadow or bird hide, work up a sweat by planning a lengthy route online or simply take a stroll and enjoy the view.

Deer stalking

A recreational activity that also helps to protect agricultural crops and forestry while maintaining a healthy deer population, deer stalking is a peaceful yet exhilarating experience. Your prey will undoubtedly lead you along a unique rural path, which you can explore with a friendly team - the countryside doesn’t have to be a lonesome place.


If walking, for whatever reason, is not for you, why not hire a cycle? Visit a mapping website and work out a cycle-friendly route online and ride at your leisure, in a group or on your own. Whether you have a set destination or are just keen to get lost amidst the wildlife, cycling is the ideal way to take a break from the daily grind.

Fishing - In a well cared-for rural area, you’ll find lakes that provide sheltered fishing areas that offer a great fishing challenge and a scenic view to enjoy too. The fish you catch are likely to be healthier and the lakes more populated than other areas, so whether you are fishing for sport or for your dinner, you’re bound to have great success. Go fish!

Horse riding

What better way to trek cross country than on a horse? In rural areas, you will often find rideways and courses that will lead you through woodland and offer facilities and great box parking. These routes will be largely traffic-free and you will be able to ride at different speeds; whether you choose to ride leisurely or at speed, horse riding is a great way to increase fitness levels and discover the countryside.

Imagine being able to jump on a horse and go for a trek after work, taking a scenic route to work or fishing in your lunch break. Escrick Park offers rural offices to let and the change for you to change your work environment. Motivate your team and enjoy these rural activities together after work or take your conference out into nature - the results are bound to be inspiring.

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