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Business meetings: pleasing your clients

By Helen Pentith  //  Tue 16th July 2013
Business meeting

The business meeting is an integral part of modern-day corporate life. Whether you’re negotiating with potential suppliers, attempting to win new clients and customers or interviewing budding new recruits it’s important to put across the right image. Meetings may not be the most glamorous, exciting elements of your working life but they are opportunities to charm your professional contacts and win them around to your way of thinking. Some people believe that rural commercial offices make business meetings more difficult, as some contacts must inevitably travel out of their way to meet with you, but could your picturesque and secluded rural surroundings actually work in your favour when it comes to business meetings?

Making an impression

As you’ll be well aware, the clients, suppliers and potential employees that come to visit your premises will likely have gone through a similar process with dozens of other companies before you, and will likely go on to visit dozens more after. If you want to negotiate favourable terms and win these contacts over to your way of thinking then it’s important to make a positive impression – the last thing you want is for a potential client to drive away and immediately forget about you! Of course, your sales pitch, your products and your services ought to be enough to make an impression on their own, but location can come into the equation, too. Imagine you’re looking to do business with a new firm and visit a number of offices across the region, all in near-identical business parks and on identikit high streets. Now imagine that one of those businesses worked from an office in the countryside, with beautiful vistas on all sides, boasting a traffic-free commute and a location far from the noise and stresses of the city. Wouldn’t that be more likely to stick with you?

Staying in your comfort zone

While a nice location, an attractive office or a well-presented meeting room will help to successfully schmooze your clients and contacts, most of the work will be down to you. It’s your job to conjure up the charm offensive that will win you the contract or forge that lucrative deal. If you don’t come into the office boasting your A-game then that opportunity can all too easily slip through your fingers, so it’s important to attain your comfort zone ahead of any crucial meeting. Cities are stressful environments, and the cramped and stuffy meeting rooms of most commercial environments are only likely to make you feel more oppressed and anxious. Our Little Theatre meeting room boasts all the modern amenities you’d associate with a city-based facility, but is also as relaxing, picturesque and attractive a space as you can imagine. Getting into your comfort zone ahead of a high-pressure meeting has never been easier.

Relaxing your clients

No matter what you do to impress them, the ultimate yes-or-no decision lies with the contacts themselves. Your clients will decide whether they want to purchase your services, your suppliers will decide whether they want to work with you for a competitive rate and your interviewees will decide whether yours is the working environment for them. These decisions will come a whole lot easier, however, if your contacts are in a relaxed and positive frame of mind. A client may come to visit you after having a bad morning, and something as minimal as an awkward commute or an irritating conversation can be enough to sour the deal. Ensuring that your contacts are amenable when they arrive, then, is crucial to the success of your pending negotiations. A stress-free trip to the beautiful rural countryside where your contacts can relax and be at peace will certainly help to lay the foundations for a potential deal.

There are more reasons to relocate to one of our rural commercial office lets than may initially meet the eye, so if you’re looking for a property with the potential to wow your clients and contacts this year, why not contact us to see how we can help?

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