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City versus country: which offers the best working environment?

By Helen Pentith  //  Fri 5th April 2013

Thanks to improvements in infrastructure, transportation and communications technology the world is a much smaller place these days, and subsequently companies have far greater flexibility when it comes to the location of their offices. It may have already crossed your mind that you needn't situate your offices in the centre of Harrogate, Leeds or York, but can instead relocate to rural office lets at the centre of all three of these for your business needs. If you're as yet undecided on whether or not to make the switch, our breakdown of the pros and cons of the rural and urban office environments should help you to make more of an informed decision!

Urban office

Pros - The urban office environment has long been the habitat of choice for big businesses and start-ups alike, although this is now beginning to change. Those who work in an urban setting can still enjoy conveniently located amenities like shops, bars, restaurants and cafes providing workers with anything they may need throughout the course of the day. Some businesses will benefit from having passing trade on their doorstep while others will appreciate the ability to communicate with customers and businesses face to face from a central hub of activity.

Cons - While urban offices may be able to boast considerable convenience where some aspects are concerned, others may prove far more problematic. The morning commute can be nightmarish, with thousands of other 9 to 5 workers converging on the city at the same time each morning. The hustle and bustle of an urban environment can cause stress and affect job satisfaction, too, resulting in poor employee performances and an increased number of absences.

Rural office

Pros - More and more people are beginning to abandon the cities in favour of working from home or from rural commercial offices. City centre property prices are huge, so the majority of your workers will be living away from town in any case. Rural offices can cut out the time-consuming stresses of the morning commute, allowing your staff to make their way to work through beautiful countryside. Natural surroundings can also help to make workers feel more comfortable, further reducing stress and improving productivity. The proliferation of fresh air and natural light is good for health and well being, too, meaning that your employees will be happier, healthier and more productive throughout the working year.

Cons - The only downside to working from a rural office is a lack of immediately available amenities. While rural pubs and restaurants offer a cosy, friendly atmosphere not often found in the city, they may be in short supply. The same goes for shops, and it can be a little harder to lay your hands on day-to-day items when working out here in the countryside. Most good rural offices will make provisions to combat these cons; for example, workers in Escrick Park offices enjoy a sandwich delivery service, and our local pubs and restaurants are certainly not to be sniffed at.

Here at Escrick Park, we believe wholeheartedly in the restorative, relaxing influence of the countryside, despite the minor practical obstacles that you may need to overcome. If you agree with our principles, take a look at the rural commercial properties to let on our website and see how your workforce can benefit from a change of scenery this year.

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