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Escrick Park commercial lets: our client testimonials

By Helen Pentith  //  Wed 24th September 2014

In our modern, fast-paced and highly stressed society, it is sadly common for a significant proportion of the working population to not enjoy the working experience. Much of this is down to the city-based, densely packed and stress-inducing office blocks in which so many of us spend the majority of our waking hours. However, it does not necessarily have to be like this. Relocate your business premises to one of the rural commercial lets within the Escrick Park Estate and your employees will never again have to battle rush hour traffic, struggle to park or be physically or mentally restrained by the repressive atmosphere of the typical office environment. But don’t take our word for it – have a look at what our current commercial tenants commonly praise about working within Escrick Park.

Peaceful surroundings

Most often, it is the peaceful surroundings that are highlighted by tenant businesses as being of greatest benefit to health and productivity. The ‘tranquil,’ ‘beautiful’ and ‘attractive’ location of the commercial lets is perfect for businesses seeking creativity and inspiration. During lunch breaks, employees can enjoy a relaxing stroll in the fresh air around the parkland that will ensure that work-induced stress is never a possibility. One of our current commercial tenants has highlighted that this feeling of freedom to relax and think is the ‘right environment for our team to thrive,’ and it’s an ‘atmosphere which lets the creative juices flow’ Another tenant thinks that ‘our team love working in the tranquil surroundings,’ while another believes that ‘our team are happier and my quality of life at work has increased enormously.’ Evidently, we’re not the only ones who believe the estate offers a refreshing work environment in which employers can get the most out of their employees.  Relocate to Escrick’s rural commercial lets to ensure that your business is also maximising each staff member’s potential.

Excellent transport connections

You may have thought that there would necessarily be a trade-off between a peaceful rural premises and the proximity of decent transport links. While this may often be the case for rural commercial lets, it is not true of Escrick Park. One tenant told us that the ‘location provides the best of both worlds,’ since there is ‘easy access to major road and rail networks, with the M18, M62, A64 and A1 on the doorstep and both Selby and York stations only minutes away.’ In addition, since the estate is situated directly alongside the A19 the daily commute is fast, direct, and what’s more, it will take you ‘in the opposite direction to the rush hour traffic!’

Quality service

For one of our current tenants, it’s not Escrick’s ideal location that represents the best thing about working here, but instead the ‘quality of service and flexible approach provided’ by the dedicated team of staff that is ‘always on hand’ to provide support to our tenants. Each tenant receives a ‘swift and friendly response to any questions, queries or problems.’ This is not the only responsibility of the support staff, however. The ‘upkeep of the exterior landscaping, access and car parking [are] carried out on a continuous basis and always look in prime condition.’ This is essential for those businesses who meet with clients on the premises.

Looking to break up the monotony of typical office life? As we hope you now realise, rural offices within the Escrick Park Estate provide exactly that opportunity. Contact us to begin your tenancy.
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