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Five activities you can enjoy on your lunch break from a rural office

By Helen Pentith  //  Wed 29th October 2014
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A recent survey found that around half of office workers eat their lunch at their desks. There are a number of reasons behind this rather depressing figure – staff may feel unable to take their full lunch break, want to keep track of their emails or are simply uninspired by their urban surroundings. Working from a rural office may not resolve all of these problems, but it certainly helps with the last one! If you weren’t already aware, Escrick Park owns a number of commercial properties that we let out to businesses, big and small. Our clients choose to work in Yorkshire rural offices for a wide variety of reasons, but Escrick’s fantastic rural location is certainly top of the list. Find out more about how you could spend your lunch break if you worked from a rural office….

#1: Go for a run

Few of us enjoy going for a run through a crowded city centre in our lunch hour. Whether it’s the air pollution, the crowds or the uninspiring surroundings that put you off, your problems will be solved if you’re working from a rural office. Your run will take you through a varied rural environment. You won’t have to weave your way through throngs of tourists or groups of shoppers, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a run in the fresh air.

#2: Take a stroll

If you find yourself desperate to get away from your desk at lunchtime, you’ll most likely have to manage with a walk through familiar city streets – hardly a peaceful way to spend your lunch hour. A gentle stroll in the countryside is perfect for de-stressing and switching off from work. We all need a rest from the grindstone during each working day. A gentle walk through the countryside of the Escrick Park estate and beyond is ideal for setting up a productive afternoon at the office.

#3: Have a picnic

At this time of year, taking a picnic isn’t likely to be at the top of your to-do list, but come spring and summer you’ll want to spend as much time outside as you can. Rural offices provide you with plenty of nearby picnic spots. Given the peace and quiet of the countryside, you’ll be able to take your pick from dozens of prime picnic locations. What’s more, if you work from Escrick Park property we’ll be able to deliver sandwiches and snacks to your office to take with you.

#4: Visit the local village

Escrick’s properties are within walking distance of the village of Riccall, to the south. Here you’ll find a corner shop, restaurants, pubs and beauty salons. Riccall boasts many services and facilities within easy reach of your property. If your company is considering the move to a rural office, make sure there’s an equally accessible village for your employees to visit during their lunch breaks.

#5: Explore a nature reserve

If you’re lucky enough to work in an office on the Escrick Park estate, you’ll be only a couple of miles away from the Skipwith Common nature reserve, and even closer to areas of woodland. That means that you can easily spend lunch breaks exploring these wildlife havens – certainly a step up from the local branch of your favourite chain café or restaurant.

If you’re tempted to make the move to a rural office, speak to the Escrick Park team today. We’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have.
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