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Five bird species to look out for at Hollicarrs - Big Garden Birdwatch

By Lisa McDonald  //  Fri 26th January 2018
Whether your're an avid bird twitcher or the world's most novice naturalist, catching a glimps of rare or unusual bird species is always a delightful feeling. One of the perks of being based in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside is that the birdlife around Hollicarrs is both diverse and plentiful. Come along and visit our awarding winning Holiday Park and you might have a chance to spot some of these fascinating species......


Kingfishers are native to the UK, and breed here year -round. Though comparatively abundant they are difficult to spot, as these shy, fast-flying creatures will often dart away when they hear approaching voices or footsteps. These beautiful blue-and-orange birds can be seen throughout the waterways of England, and lucky visitors to Hollicarrs often see them on our fishing lake and Wildlife pond whilst taking leisurely strolls around the park.

Little Egret

This small white bird with a slender black beak, attractive white plumes on crest, back and chest, black legs and yellow feet. As an aquatic bird, it feeds in shallow water and on land, consuming a variety of small creatures. The Little Egret is a recent colonist and is most common along the south and east coasts of England and in Wales. They are an increasingly common sight in inland areas. Recently, bird watcher, Barry Hutchinson, spotted a Little Egret on the wildlife pond, this is a rare sighting at Hollicarrs. 


The Robin is one of the most popular birds in Britain, it is a friendly bird that can be tamed to eat from the hand. The Robin is one of our favourite birds that we always see here at Hollicarrs.They are spotted all over the park and are often found clinging to the side of bird feeders.


These birds are mainly small, stocky, woodland species with short, stout bills. They are amiable and social characters and persistant visitors to Hollicarrs. Many different varieties, such as the Great Tit, Marsh, Coal and Longtail Tit are enticed to Hollicarrs by the tasty treats that are on offer all year round.


Another rare sighting here at Hollicarrs is of the Siskin. This bird is a small, lively, finch, which is smaller than the greenfinch. It has a distinctive forked tail and a long narrow bill.

RSPB - Big Garden Birdwatch
There is still time join the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch which takes place this weekend, 27th - 29th January 2018. Around 500,000 people took part in the last birdwatch.
Joining the Big garden Birdwatch is simple and enjoyable - and a great excuse to watch the garden birds. Join the world's largest garden wildlife survey....

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