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Five causes of corporate stress revealed

By Helen Pentith  //  Thu 27th June 2013

More than 6,000 people every year are admitted to hospital as a result of work-related stress, and this already uncomfortable statistic is currently on the rise. Stress is a legitimate medical issue that affects more Britons than many people realise, and its potential causes are many and varied. As well as being extremely unpleasant for the sufferer stress can reduce workplace productivity and cause a loss of morale throughout your workforce, but fortunately, there are steps you can take to remove the causes of stress from your office environment. Take a look at these five common causes of workplace stress and act now - both for the benefit of your employees and for the success of your firm.


No-one likes to be overworked, and an excessive amount of pressure can be a major contributing factor for workplace stress. All businesses have targets to meet and busy employees mean cost-effective companies, but swamping your staff with endless assignments will inevitably take its toll. No-one can work to capacity day-in day-out, so make sure that your employees are working hard without burning themselves out, otherwise, a stress-related crash may prove unavoidable.


The atmosphere of your office will go a long way towards determining how content and stress-free your employees feel while at work. No-one expects to be best friends with all their colleagues, but excessive amounts of tension or conflict can undermine the entire ecosystem of your office. Pay attention to the interactions between different staff members and make an effort to undertake team building exercises where possible.

Home life

Of course, the office isn’t the only place where your employees could be under stress. It’s impossible to know just what’s going on in the homes of your workers - could they be unhappy in their relationships or living in an antisocial area, for example? All you can do is to reduce the stress factors at work and hope that your employees can look after themselves at home.


Money (or the lack thereof) is one of the single greatest causes of stress here in the UK, and the belt-tightening measures engendered by the recession have taken their toll on workers across the nation. You can’t always afford to pay your employees the kind of salaries you’d perhaps like to offer, particularly with prices in the city so high. Have you ever considered, however the benefits of relocating your office to the countryside? The cost of living in rural England is considerably less than in the city, helping both your business and its employees to stretch their finances further.


Believe it or not, but the office environment itself can be a significant cause of stress. As much as we like to kid ourselves to the contrary, human beings are animals, and just like wild animals our moods are affected by the influences we feel around us. A lack of fresh air, natural light, exercise and access to nature can cause us to feel stressed, so the classic urban office environment is hardly conducive to the health and happiness of your staff. Here at Escrick park, we believe in offering rural commercial office properties that provide a productive and relaxing atmosphere for workers.

Stress is a growing problem in workplaces across the country, but the causes of workplace stress like those listed above can be mitigated by conscientious employers. If you’re looking for an office that can help your employees to feel comfortable and confident in the workplace, why not wave goodbye to the drudgery of the city and take a look at the rural commercial offices to let on the Escrick park website?

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