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Five office designs inspired by nature

By Helen Pentith  //  Thu 19th February 2015
Rural office

Practically every employer now recognises that the wellbeing of their employees is crucial to a productive workforce. Companies are moving away from identikit city centre office blocks to make their workspaces a little more friendly and welcoming. Our Yorkshire rural offices have seen high levels of demand from companies across the UK, as they seek to improve the health of their employees by relocating to the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Plenty of city centre offices have recognised that nature can create a relaxed, inspiring working environment, with office designers and architects creating weird and wonderful office spaces that borrow ideas from nature. What can we learn from these wacky, nature-inspired offices?

White Mountain office, Stockholm

Albert-France Lanord Architects created this incredible office space in a former cold war bunker. The design of this office is a striking blend of technology and nature. The ceiling and walls are formed almost entirely by the city’s natural granite rocks, and coupled with the ferns and foliage give the impression that this office is the home of a Bond villain! The office is currently occupied by Bahnhof, an internet service provider with – fittingly – a focus on complete security for its clients.

Mind Candy, London

Mind Candy is the UK entertainment company behind Moshi Monsters, a kids website with over 80 million users that has since expanded into a huge entertainment franchise. Their office has been named ‘Britain’s coolest office’, and we’d probably agree. We particularly love the reception area, where the desk itself has been crafted to look like a massive tree trunk, surrounded by plenty of plants and flowers (real and fake) that even creep along the ceiling!

TBWA Hakuhudo, Tokyo

In busy cities, office space is always in demand and often at a premium. The new offices of Japanese advertising agency TBWA Hakuhudo were built in a particularly strange space – two of the centre floors of an entertainment complex with bowling alleys and driving ranges above and below it. The architects worked with the former bowling alley’s architecture in their design, but used nature as their main inspiration. Artificial turf was used to create the appearance of mid-office grassy knolls. The office contains plenty of plant life and lush green landscapes are printed onto the walls. The designers wanted a visit to the office to feel like a walk in the park.

Google Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Zurich

Google’s offices are renowned for their wacky concepts and unique designs, with many of their offices taking inspiration from nature. We particularly like the countryside-themed rooms of the engineering department at their Stockholm office, where the carpet is a map! The Google Tel Aviv office is also packed with nature, with one room even resembling an orange grove. The Zurich office takes inspiration from trees, eggs and even Antarctica.

Selgas Cano, Madrid

Architects Selgas Cano created their very own ‘Office in the Woods’ – an entire wall and part of the ceiling is transparent, giving staff the opportunity to look out into the woods as they work. We love its tasteful, minimalist design – and of course, its gorgeous setting.

You don’t have to enlist the services of the world’s leading office architects to have your own nature-inspired workplace. Get in touch to learn more about Escrick Park’s Yorkshire rural office spaces – they’re literally right on nature’s doorstep.
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