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Five phenomenal offices from around the globe!

By Helen Pentith  //  Wed 25th September 2013
long barn studios

In general, the office environment isn’t exactly the kind of thing to gladden the soul, delight the senses or get the adrenaline pumping. City centre offices are often prosaic, unimaginative and uninspiring - it’s a great shame that these mediocre workspaces are where most of us head when we prepare for the working week. Some companies, however, have realised that offices needn’t be dull, nor unattractive. Rural offices, luxury workspaces and commercial architectural masterpieces all provide the world’s employees with ample inspiration to get the synapses firing each and every workday. Here are just five of our favourites…

Nicolas Tye Architects: Long Barn Studios

Imagine an office environment that changes with the seasons, is truly open to the elements and provides access to as much natural light as the outside world itself. The lucky workers based from Nicolas Tye architects here in the UK can look forward to just such a working environment. Long Barn Studios’ rural location lets them soak up the gorgeous views of the natural world, while a floor-to-ceiling glass exterior wall ensures that those stunning vistas are never obstructed from view.

Bahnhof: White Mountain Data Centre

Internet service providers Bahnhof have taken a leaf from supervillain Ernst Stavro Blofeld’s book when it comes to office design. Their White Mountain Data Centre is an eerily lit subterranean base plucked from the pages of a James Bond novel, and while the office environment may not be as relaxing as our rural retreats, there’s no denying that it looks incredibly cool...

TBWA: Hakuhodo Offices

The Japanese have always had an eye for innovative design and technological progression, and the Hakuhodo offices of marketing analysts TBWA are no exception. The natural, sustainable materials, soft lighting and innovative layout of this incredible office space help to bring the outdoors inside - it’s almost like having a rural office environment in the heart of the city!

Selgas Cano: Architecture office

Also known as ‘The Studio in the Woods’ and located in the countryside just outside of Madrid, Selgas Cano’s architecture office is truly a sight to behold. Few office environments could claim to be closer to nature than this glass-walled structure designed to put office workers on a level with the forest floor. Surrounded by trees and with a view as changeable as the weather itself, we can’t help but be a little jealous of the lucky architects who can work from this incredible rural office...

Escrick Park: Rural Commercial Offices

We can but dream of working from the four incredible offices listed above, but if you’re looking for a peaceful rural environment complete with some stunning traditional architecture to provide your employees with inspiration this year, you need look no further than Escrick Park. The countless acres of our stunning natural estate will provide you with the peace and quiet you need to knuckle down  and concentrate, while our rural commercial offices offer all the modern amenities necessary for a fully functioning workspace. We have several picturesque rural offices to let today, so waste no time and contact us to transform your working life in future.

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