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Five reasons to enjoy countryside hacking

By Helen Pentith  //  Mon 16th November 2015

For horse lovers it rarely gets any better than hacking. The sense of freedom and exhilaration you get while in the saddle of your favourite mount can’t be beaten – it’s the highlight of any fair weather weekend. We don’t live in an equine world, however, and today’s cities, towns and even villages are built with motorists and pedestrians in mind. Is hacking on paved roads your only option? Here are five reasons why you might enjoy countryside hacking in Escrick Park’s extensive Rideways instead…

No traffic

In the countryside, most motorists are pretty tolerant of riders. However, that doesn’t make it any less frightening when a huge articulated lorry or noisy motorbike passes within a hair’s breadth of your horse. Even the most stoic animal can become skittish at times like this. On our Rideways there is no traffic, and that means no distracting noise, no need to glance over your shoulder for passing motorists and no need to worry that you’re holding anyone up. It’s just you, the horse and the beautiful open countryside.

Beautiful scenery

Even the most scenic road can’t compete with the scenery on offer in the Great British countryside. With no asphalt in sight to ruin the vista, you’ll have endless views of ancient woodland, blissful meadows and gently rolling grounds to drink in. The views are always better on horseback, so take it easy and enjoy them.

It’s better for the animal

Healthy horses won’t be too troubled by a little asphalt, but over time their joints tend to suffer from being ridden repeatedly on paved surfaces. Our hacking trails and jumping course feature nothing but soft, yielding surfaces perfect for the animals’ joints and hooves.

More options

Roadside riding doesn’t give you a great variety of options – you can hardly ride up the high street or onto the local dual carriageway, after all. You’ll soon grow bored of your roadside rides and dream of something to break up the monotony. We have it here at the Escrick Park Rideways. With 20 miles of hacking trails and a 7-mile cross-country jumping course to explore, you’re spoilt for choice on our private grounds.

Get up a head of speed

It’s impossible to achieve anything more than a trot on even the quietest country road. For one thing it’s dangerous, and besides, riding at speed on paved roads is bad for the animal. There are no such concerns here at the Rideways. Go at your own pace on the hacking trails or urge your horse on to higher speeds on our exciting cross-country loop.

Country hacking is the only way to ride. If you’d like to use the 20 miles of hacking trails and 7-mile cross-country jumping course here at the Escrick Rideways, contact us today to find out more about our day and annual memberships.

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