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Five things you might not have known about life in a rural office

By Helen Pentith  //  Wed 11th March 2015
Rural office

When you picture a rural office, what do you think of? A quaint cottage in the middle of the woods? A converted barn that now houses an artist’s studio? The modern rural office tends to be very different to these outdated visions. Escrick Park’s suite of rural Yorkshire office spaces is used by dozens of different companies who enjoy the tranquil surroundings, high quality facilities, and easy commute. While those three factors may be the most obvious benefits of a countryside office, there are plenty of other perks that you might not have known about.

Historical buildings

Constructing new property on previously undeveloped land or the green belt is notoriously difficult – and quite rightly. The beautiful Yorkshire countryside could easily be spoiled by poorly designed, unsympathetic developments. Any development – whether an entirely new building or a refurbishment – must take into account its surroundings and not become an eyesore. The Escrick Park offices are largely based in refurbished farm buildings and workshops, including a granary and a farmhouse. Period features such as beams and brick floors have been retained wherever possible, but you won’t find any drafty doors or rickety staircases! Working in a historic building gives your company a unique setting that’ll certainly be noticed by potential clients.


We all know that in our busy working lives it can be difficult to find a moment of peace and quiet. Whether it’s the roar of distant traffic, the hum of computers or your office’s endlessly disappointing playlist, there’s always some background noise or distraction that prevents us from clearing our mind. If you want to go out for a calming walk in a urban office, you’re faced with traffic lights, packed pavements and no escape from the noise. In a rural area, you’ll be able to follow trails through rolling hills, beautiful bluebell woodlands and peaceful meadows. If you’ve ever wished you could find some tranquillity at work, a rural office will provide exactly that.

Delivery service

You and your employees might be concerned that working in a rural office will mean that they’re miles away from the nearest supermarket and will have to rely on a packed lunch every day. At Escrick, things are a little different. If you don’t want to make the short trip to the convenience store in Escrick village, you can arrange a visit from a daily delivery van. Sandwiches and snacks are available from the van throughout the week, as it visits the commercial sites on the estate.

A new community

The offices at Escrick give the area a village feel of its own. You’ll quickly become part of the Escrick Park estate community and connect with businesses that share your appreciation of rural life and sustainability. Our rural offices aren’t isolated or lonely.

Perfectly landscaped surroundings

It might not be surprising that you’ll be surrounded by beautiful countryside in a rural office, but you may not have considered the landscaping and upkeep of the immediate area around your office. At the Escrick Park commercial properties, landscaping is taken care of for you – so the exterior of your office always looks its best.

Do you think the rural office working life is for you? Find out more about our currently available commercial properties.

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