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Five ways to make your rural wedding even more fun

By Helen Pentith  //  Wed 7th May 2014

Here at Escrick Park we’ve hosted a considerable number of rural wedding receptions across our green pastureland, each one different to the others in so many ways. The space and facilities available mean that you can plan a bespoke wedding that is personal to you and bring your creative ideas to life to create a spectacular wedding. Whether you choose to hold your wedding reception in a marquee outside or in one of our fantastic buildings, we can provide you with suggestions for countless high quality local wedding suppliers so that you can focus on making your big day all the more special! If you’re looking for ways to make your rural wedding even more fun, take a look at these five fabulous ideas...

Hire an ice cream cart

Perfect for a warm summer’s day, an ice cream cart would not only look the part stationed on the grass and surrounded by impressive foliage and green fields, but would provide your guests with a cooling refreshment whenever they fancy. They make for great props in wedding photos and you could even request your favourite ice cream flavours to be served on the big day. If you’re lucky, the groom may even get a chance to serve his bride her ice cream himself! Adding a real fun and relaxed vibe to any rural wedding, hiring an ice cream cart is well worth looking into.

Create the perfect photo backdrop

While the surrounding wildlife and beautiful gardens can provide a picturesque backdrop for any wedding photos, it’s always nice to get a little creative and design your own backdrops for some fun and funky pictures. Hanging empty frames from trees to create an instant photo booth for guests or putting up candles and fairy lights to make the outside seem even more magical will provide you and your guests with the chance to take some truly memorable photos. Just get together with your bridesmaids and enjoy creative, crafty afternoons coming up with innovative ideas!

Provide games tables

While having designated tables for the kids and providing them with colouring pencils and toys is a must, games tables for adults are a unique and fun idea that not many of your guests will have seen at a wedding before. For the guests that want a break from the dance floor or who aren’t in any position to be bopping around all night, providing a table complete with board games, packs of cards and puzzles is a great way to ensure they’re still have lots of fun at you wedding. You could even get a competition going, keeping scores or setting challenges for your guests!

Include live music

Many guests love hearing classic songs by their favourite artists, which is why you could hire a DJ to keep the party going, but there’s nothing quite like enjoying a live band outside while the sun is setting. Whether you’ve friends who can play an instrument or sing a note, or a particular band you’re willing to fork out for, you’ll just love how the music carries across the fields and your guests will feel privileged to have been invited to your very own concert! Your band could just play during the canapés or after the speeches, or keep coming and going all night, and we could help you set up a stage and source the equipment you need.

Make the outside appealing

If you want to ensure that your guests make the most of the outdoor venue you’ve acquired, you’ll need to make sure they are well prepared. Providing your guests in heels with caps to stop them from sinking into the grass, or setting down suitable flooring will enable them to enjoy wandering the green, while ensuring the outside is well lit with fairy lights and candles will encourage them to wander outside even when the sun has set. Don’t forget to invest in some pillows to keep the seating comfortable and cosy, and if it’s a particularly hot day, you might want to provide your guests with fans or even sunscreen to help keep them cool and protect them from the sun.

At Escrick Park, we’ve several areas of our estate that are perfect for throwing a beautiful rural wedding. A parkland wedding would provide you with picturesque views across a former deer park and an open landscape that stretches for miles, while a garden wedding offers manicured lawns, colourful boarders and pretty ponds and fountains. If you’d like to find out more about holding your wedding reception here at Escrick Park, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team. We can’t wait to help you start planning your spectacular event!
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