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Five ways to reinvigorate your business

By Helen Pentith  //  Tue 28th May 2013

We all know that, over time, it’s not entirely common for businesses to stagnate if left to their own devices. A firm that seemed exciting and progressive when it was first formed could appear dull and lacking in vitality a few years down the line, resulting in poor morale and low productivity amongst the company’s employees. If it feels like something within your business needs to change, you may be tempted to start wielding the axe, but this isn’t always the most sensible course of action. Take a look at these five productive means of reinvigorating your business – without indulging your ruthless streak...


Adjust your workflow

As companies grow over time they usually win more clients and contracts, but sometimes the office environment itself doesn’t evolve quite so quickly. Workflows can pile up and systems that were once efficient can become stifling if they’re not frequently revisited. If your company has gone on to bigger and better things recently, it’s worth to see what effect this growth could have had on your staff members and working processes.


Bring in new staff

Even if your current workflow is being handled adequately by your existing employees, it can be a good idea to inject some fresh ideas and enthusiasm into your workforce. A new employee can help to take the pressure off the shoulders of your existing staff members whilst preventing people from becoming too jaded in the office.


Improve the working environment

It’s easy to forget that human beings are animals like any other, and just like wild animals, small changes in our working environment can help to reduce stress and improve morale to no end. Is your office too cold, too hot, too draughty or too stuffy? Is there a tension between certain staff members or is the office lacking basic amenities like hot drinks facilities or a supply of natural light and fresh air? Seeing to such issues can have quite a dramatic effect on the wellbeing of your staff.


Grow your business

Just as it’s possible for your office to be overworked and stretched, there’s also a chance that staff members are bored or unchallenged by their current workload. If your staff have been dealing with the same clients for months and tackling the same small problems day in, day out, then they’ll appreciate a change of pace. Growing your business, bringing in new clients and taking on new contracts can leave your staff feeling challenged and invigorated once more.


Relocate to the country

The fact of the matter is that the urban office environment can be very stressful and unfulfilling for a lot of people. If morale and productivity are low in your office, it could be that the office itself needs changing. Relocating from the city to the country can help to remove the stress of the commute, banish the hustle and bustle of the urban landscape and bring your employees face-to-face with the beauty of nature. If this sounds like an impractical pipe dream to you then think again – the rural commercial lets available on our website are affordable, practical and in easy reach from central York, so you’ve no excuse for not giving your business the boost it needs in a beautiful rural setting.

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