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Four classic summertime reads to take on holiday to Escrick Park

By Helen Pentith  //  Wed 16th July 2014
Summer reading

At Escrick Park you’ll discover a whole range of activities to take part in, from horse riding and cycling to tennis and fishing. However, you might find that this summer all you want to do is sit back and relax with a good book. Our beautiful holiday lodges in Yorkshire are set in a stunning location, surrounded by woodland with much to see. Whilst you’ll have neighbours you can get to know, you’ll also have space and privacy to unwind without being disturbed. If you’re planning a trip to Escrick Park this year, here are four classic books you shouldn’t leave without…

Chocolat, Joanne Harris

If you’re seeking a summer of scandal, romance and indulgence (all fictional, of course!) then Chocolat is the book for you. Written in 1999, Harris tells the story of a young, single mother who arrives in a tiny French village at the beginning of Lent with her daughter. Whilst all the local villagers are fasting, Vianne Rocher opens a beautiful new chocolate shop with the help of her daughter, right opposite the village church. The villagers are at first utterly scandalised by its arrival, but gently, she begins to encourage them to try her chocolate and soon has an army of supporters as she faces the wrath of the village priest. It’ll have you glued to its pages and enamoured both with Vianne and her beautiful village home.

Cider with Rosie, Laurie Lee

Cider with Rosie is set in the village of Slad in Gloucestershire and is a true account of Lee’s childhood. Taking place just after the First World War, it depicts the development of village life after such catastrophic events and cleverly explores childhood from an adult’s point of view. As Lee grows up in the Cotswolds, we get to hear of his tales in the classroom, his teachers, his neighbours, the evolution of the motorcar and even of a local murder. His descriptive writing style is addictive, and you’ll have no trouble imagining everything exactly as he describes. It’s the perfect novel to snuggle up to on a warm summer’s day.

Summer’s Lease, Sir John Mortimer

Stories of Brits abroad don’t always have to be terribly cringe-inducing – they can be enjoyable and funny instead! In his novel, Mortimer tells the story of the somewhat desperate Molly Pargeter, who is fed up of her monotonous life at home in West London with her adulterous husband and three children. She escapes (with them) to a villa in Tuscany for the summer and soon takes it upon herself to begin solving a mysterious crime. When the water oddly disappears and the body of her letting agent is discovered, she ends up embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. You’ll love the things she gets up to and the places she explores.

The Talented Mr Ripley, Patricia Highsmith

You’ve probably heard of the film, but the book – a psychological thriller written in 1955 – is just as exciting, jaw dropping and wonderful. Actually part of a series of novels about Tom Ripley, in this story we read about Tom as a young man struggling to make a living in New York. Tom encounters a shipping magnate who persuades him to go to Italy to retrieve his errant son, Dickie. Tom agrees in return for a large sum of money, but once meeting Dickie and his fiancé Marge, he soon becomes obsessed and begins to crave Dickie’s life. You’ll have to read it to discover how the story unravels, but expect foul play, some horror and a lot of beautiful writing.

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to read your book this summer, you’ll find many of them situated in Escrick Park. To find out more about the rural residential properties we have on offer or our holiday lodges, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team and arrange a visit. Alternatively, you can read more about our property on our website.
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