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Holiday Planning

By Helen Pentith  //  Thu 28th December 2017
Now that Christmas is over, we know that the adverts will start for Holidays and weekend breaks and we start to plan our spring and summer escapes. 

Cheap air travel has brought the world to our doorstep, with inexpensive flights allowing even cash-strapped households the opportunity to explore foreign climes and spend their holidays overseas. It wasn't always this way, however, and just a few decades ago only the wealthiest families would visit other nations for their holidays. You don't have to look too far into the past to find the heyday of the Great British holiday, when thousands of city dwellers would travel to the seaside or the countryside to spend their days off taking in the domestic delights of our quaint little island.

Here at Escrick Park estate, we think it's time we revisited those halcyon days of having your own holiday home and resurrected the Great British holiday today. Here's why...

No budget airlines required

Cheap air travel may have allowed us to visit exotic climes, but it's hardly done so in the utmost comfort. Taking in a long-haul flight on a budget airline is a special kind of torture - wouldn't it be nicer to simply drive to your destination instead?

Less travel, more holiday
When travelling overseas, it's an unfortunate truth that two days of the trip are essentially devoted to travelling to and from the location alone - queuing at airports, going through customs and wasting away on the flight itself. Even the most far-flung UK location isn't likely to be more than a few hours distant, and even if you're travelling from Cornwall to the North of Scotland, you won't have jet lag to contend with like when tripping between time-zones!

No guidebooks, no foreign currency
While it can be quite pleasant to experience a different language, culture and currency when you travel abroad, the stresses involved in adjusting to the idiosyncrasies of a foreign country can be considerable. When you travel within the UK, you can leave those stresses behind and truly begin to relax.

Less expense, more fun
The UK may not be the cheapest part of the world, but without the excessive travel expenses of travelling abroad, not to mention the money you'll waste at the bureau de change, you'll have more money to spend enjoying yourself. If you have your own holiday home, friends you can stay with, or even someone you can exchange homes with for the week, you'll stand to save money on accommodation too, which can certainly add up year after year.

The Outdoors
Research has resulted in outdoor living being one of the best things for your health, it not only lowers blood pressure and heart rate as well as brining other major benefits of fresh air and exercise.  Making the most of maximum daylight is also a great benefit to us all, especially after the long winter months now behind us (almost). 

Natural beauty
Last but by no means least, it's worth holidaying in the UK simply because it possesses some of the most breathtaking areas of natural beauty in the world. From Durdle Door on the South-West coast to the Forest of Dean in the Midlands and the Yorkshire Dales in the North, Britain is well worth exploring for intrepid domestic explorers looking for the best the natural world has to offer.

Here at Escrick Park, we think the British countryside is well worth a visit for far more reasons than the few we've outlined above. If you agree with us, why not take a trip to the picturesque Yorkshire countryside and spend your holiday in one of our beautiful Hollicarrs holiday lodges?  Waking up in a quiet and tranquil woodland with the sound of only birdsong is perfect.  Opening your lodge door to walk out and take a stroll around dedicated forest trails, or a power walk to Escrick or Skipwith villages makes for a perfect start to the day.

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