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How a rural office can beat the back-to-work blues

By Helen Pentith  //  Fri 18th September 2015

For many, summer is the holiday season and a time eagerly anticipated for much of the rest of the year. Summertime means summer holidays, but when that long-awaited week or fortnight has passed it’s back to work once more. The fact that so many workers relish their hard-earned holidays and dread going back to work when they’re over should strike employers as somewhat concerning. Do workers really hate their jobs that much?

For many, the answer is no. Instead it’s the trappings of our jobs that make them especially onerous – the long, traffic-riddled commutes, the busy urban locations, the ugly office buildings and the poor air quality of the city. If you were to transport your office to your favourite holiday location then you could expect your employees to rush to work with gusto each morning. If only, eh? Well, while we can’t relocate your workforce to Antigua or the French Riviera, we can offer you the chance to lease a beautiful rural office in the picturesque Yorkshire countryside. Here’s how our rural commercial lets can banish the back-to-work blues and help you maintain a happier, more productive workforce.

The rural pace of life

Just like in your favourite holiday destination the pace of life here in rural Escrick is slow and easy. You won’t find weaving, wheezing traffic jams here – just quiet country roads that allow your employees to tackle the commute at their own pace. The people are friendly, too, and the local amenities are a real bonus – if you decide to take up residence in our Hackings or Appleyards offices, you’ll have the option of daily sandwich deliveries for your workforce to enjoy. The slow and peaceful country pace of life will mean coming into work is no longer a chore – even on the back of a relaxing holiday away.  In fact, everything runs to a slower time here in the countryside except broadband speeds – with Superfast BT on offer, your internet connection will remain fast and consistent. 

The beautiful scenery

Why do we choose to take holidays by the seaside, in the mountains or in the countryside? To make the most of the beautiful scenery, of course. There’s something deeply enriching about a beautiful vista or pleasing landscape – it soothes the soul, calms the spirit and sets the creative juices flowing. You don’t need to board a plane to experience life-affirming scenery, however. The Yorkshire countryside is celebrated nationwide and around the world as some of the finest there is, and from a rural office you’ll be able to experience natural beauty without even having to rise from your desk. Our commercial lets are located on the beautiful Escrick Park Estate – countless acres of meadow, woodland, lake and river without a high-rise building in sight.

The architecture

When you go away on holiday do you book yourself into a faceless grey tower block or do you search for a chic boutique hotel or a rustic French farmhouse, a terracotta villa or a beautiful apartment? If you want to relish the return to work, then you ought to take the same approach to your business premises. Our rural offices are no ugly lumps – they’re stunning converted barns and farm buildings, fully at home in the gentle rural landscape. 

The downtime activities

Work is called ‘work’ and holidays are known as ‘holidays’ because in the former you have to complete difficult tasks and in the latter you get to take part in activities you find enjoyable and relaxing. But does it really have to be this way? At Escrick Park, your downtime could be spent course fishing in our private lake, walking in the Estate’ quiet woods, horseback riding on our excellent Rideways or simply watching the world go by from a bench on our peaceful grounds. Your employees will love it so much they won’t want to leave.

Our rural commercial offices can beat the back-to-work blues and keep your workforce happy, stress-free and productive all year round. Contact us today to discuss our availability.

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