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How to: countrify your urban office

By Helen Pentith  //  Thu 13th June 2013
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It’s becoming apparent that more and more of us are finding it increasingly hard to make the time to escape the office for a few much-needed moments of fresh air. Office workers spend an average of almost six hours sitting at their desk, often without any break at all, before spending a similar amount in bed - so when do we get to take the time to appreciate the great outdoors? Your environment can affect the way in which you work and help you to relax, with the sights, sounds and smells of nature conspiring to sooth the soul and encourage creativity. With that in mind, here are some ways you can freshen up your workspace and bring a little of the outside, inside...

Shed some light

Dim or harsh lighting can not only affect your eyesight and cause physical discomfort, it can be detrimental to productivity, too. Natural lighting is a fantastic alternative, helping you to see better without straining, increasing your mood and ultimately creating a happier work environment. Open your blinds (if the sunlight is shining on your screen, move your screen!), invest in floor to ceiling windows or a skylight - if you have a view of a garden or any kind of natural greenery it will be all the more inspiring.

Plant it

Having an office plant is almost mandatory for creating an atmosphere conducive to productivity, so if you don’t have one - get one. Plants not only breathe life into the room but add colour to a bland workspace, can help to reduce stress and even absorb airborne toxins. To encourage a much needed break from staring at your screen, why not set a herb garden on your windowsill or purchase a bonsai tree - both need taking good care off and smell fantastic too.


Smell is one of our most powerful senses and can help to energise, uplift, relax and stimulate the body. More often than not, the only thing to delight your olfactory senses in the office is what your neighbour is having for lunch or the product the cleaner used to cleanse your desk. Plug in an aromatherapy room diffuser to banish such unwanted scents and usher in the smell of the outdoors - pick one that offers a soothing pastoral scent for the best results.

Let in some air

Open a window! Whatever the weather, just opening a window or a door for at least half an hour a day can help to wake you up, bring in some much needed fresh air and offer a refreshing breeze to your staff. If you can’t open a window, turn on a fan to keep the air circulating rather than stagnating in the exhaled air of dozens of busy workers.

Making a few simple changes to your work environment can create a workspace that is welcoming, comforting and appealing to your employees - bringing the outside indoors for a welcome reminder of the countryside. No matter how much you look to countrify your urban office, however, it will never be a match for the real thing. Here at Escrick Park we provide rural office lets so that your staff can benefit from the invigorating influence of the countryside every day, so why not check them out on our website?

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