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Making a Good Impression!

By Pete Meadows  //  Wed 5th June 2019
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Your business would not thrive without your clients, so when it comes to meeting with them it’s understandable that you would be anxious to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that you make a good impression. You want to portray a professional, positive and promising business so that your clients feel confident in your services and happy to continue doing business with you. Do your clients approach your office feeling welcome and excited? Do they walk in to find a clean, organised and impressive entrance as they would when entering a rural office in Escrick Park?

Few businesses really stop to think about the impression their office makes on a client, concentrating instead entirely on the services they have to offer. If a client were to enter an office that was crowded, stuffy and messy, they are more likely to leave feeling unimpressed and disappointed. Here’s how you can make the right impression when meeting with your clients…

You can’t always control the journey your client has to take to get to your office and if it’s in the heart of a bustling city, it’s not likely to be a particularly enjoyable one.  However, if your office were situated at Escrick Park, your clients could take the opportunity to steal away from the city and would likely love the picturesque journey away from the crush of the usual city traffic!

You might not be able to do much about the area that surrounds your building or office, but you can always do your best to make the immediate exterior look more attractive. If you’re situated in the city and surrounded by unattractive buildings and busy roads, make your building stand out by ensuring the steps are always swept, the doormat clean, and perhaps by placing some hanging baskets or planters next to the door. You want your clients to note that you have made an effort to look presentable.

Make sure you know when your clients are going to arrive so that you can be ready to greet them the moment they step toward your door. Nobody appreciates being kept waiting, especially in a reception area that isn’t particularly inviting, so if you are running late you should ensure that they are well looked after in a waiting room that allows them to get comfortable and be kept entertained.

The entrance to your building or office should be very well presented, even if it means covering up certain blemishes with informative posters or framed pictures!  At Escrick Park, all of our commercial office buildings are attractive converted brick barns and attractive buildings, so your clients are likely to be impressed from the start and they can also find a parking space easily right outside your premises!

Although your meeting will be primarily about business, it’s always nice to introduce a little pleasure too. Once the meeting is over, or perhaps during a break, why not take your clients for a walk around a local park, or for lunch in a local restaurant? At Escrick Park, you could even take them for a spot of fishing, or for a lovely country stroll along the dedicated grassy footpaths on site. While it is important to get the business side of things out of the way, it is worth attempting to strike a friendly relationship with your clients too, so that you can form a sense of trust and loyalty. If they value you as an individual as well as a supplier or business contact, they may be more likely to build a long term professional relationship with you.

If you think that relocating your office to the countryside might be beneficial to your business, why not contact a member of the team today to discuss your options?

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