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New Year, new office: the benefits of relocating to a rural office

By Helen Pentith  //  Wed 7th January 2015
Office in Yorkshire

Rural offices represent a completely different working environment to urban workplaces. Here at Escrick Park, we manage dozens of rural offices in Yorkshire, each maintained to the highest standard for our tenants. The switch from city centre skylines to rolling hills and meadows is huge, and perhaps unimaginable for many employers. However, what better time is there to make a change than in a brand new year? This year, make your New Year’s resolution to relocate your office to the countryside – there are plenty of benefits…

Quiet commute

During the first couple of months of 2015, we may well face some wintry weather. Cities become gridlocked by the merest hint of snow, and rush hour becomes chaotic for city centre commuters. If you’re commuting out in the country, you may worry about un-gritted roads, but Escrick Park’s rural offices are just off the A19 – so this fear is unfounded. Also, you’ll be commuting in the opposite direction to most, meaning that you’ll have the snow-cleared roads practically all to yourself. This is a huge boon at any time of year, but when faced with inclement weather, a clear road is particularly welcome – and there will be plenty more car parking space, too.

Green surroundings

The urban environment isn’t a pleasant place to spend the first few months of the year. The pavements may be covered with slushy snow, while roads and cycle paths may turn into ice rinks. Long periods of cold, dry weather are likely to worsen air pollution in urban areas and cause health difficulties, particularly among individuals with chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma. In a rural environment, pollution levels are far lower, benefitting the health and wellbeing of your staff. These health benefits accrue throughout the year, lowering stress levels and reducing the number of sick days your staff must take off.

Be part of a community

Rural areas are far friendlier than urban areas. By relocating your office to a rural area, you’ll become a part of the rural community and benefit from new friendships, networking opportunities and business relationships. Benefit from lower crime rates and the community spirit that’s offered in rural areas.

Impress clients and candidates

Potential clients are bound to be impressed by your new countryside office. After visiting dozens of urban offices, a rural office will present a pleasing contrast that will certainly be remembered. Your rural locale can act as a selling point to potential candidates too, allowing you to attract top talent while maintaining more modest salaries.

A change of direction

If your company is in the midst of rebrand or sudden change in direction at the turn of the year, what better way to mark it than with a whole new office environment? A green setting is particularly useful for companies that are looking to underline their environmental credentials, or for businesses that tend to work with clients and consumers in rural areas.

Thinking about making the move? Take a look at our available commercial lets and get in touch to start your relocation to a rural office in Yorkshire.
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