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Rural commercial offices: five ways making the move could save you time and money

By Helen Pentith  //  Wed 15th October 2014
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Where would your dream office be? On a remote Caribbean island? On the French Riviera? Of course, these options aren’t entirely realistic for most of us – but if it’s a break from the urban sprawl that you’re after, there are plenty of options closer to home. Here at Escrick Park, we rent out affordable Yorkshire rural offices to dozens of clients, who love working in such beautiful surroundings. Every week we receive eager enquiries from many different companies who are tempted by the rural office experience. Frequently, the main concerns are time and money – but we’d argue that making the move to Escrick can secure you savings on both of these!

#1 Commuting times

At the time of day when everyone else is flooding into the cities, you’ll be travelling in the opposite direction. Enjoy practically empty roads while watching the queues pile up in the other direction. You and your staff will surely value a less stressful trip to work. Instead of sitting through hours of gridlock, your journey will be swift and painless. Staff can spend more time in bed and enjoy faster, safer commutes.

#2 Parking

Parking in the city centre isn’t much fun – and it can cost a small fortune too. The nearest city to Escrick is York – certainly not a city that’s designed for four wheels! At your Escrick Park office, you’ll find plenty of parking, with no ticket machines in sight. This will save you and your staff significant time, money – and stress.

#3 Rents

City centres are seen as high demand environments where landlords can charge high rents. The existence of virtual offices show the power of a postcode, and many businesses like to be near to stations and other city centre facilities. However, as we’ve mentioned above, there are multiple downsides to city centre offices. The Escrick Park rents are reasonable and affordable – and they certainly won’t be sky high.

#4 Health

Rural offices also have many indirect cost benefits. Perhaps most significant are the benefits to employee health and wellbeing. Businesses spend thousands of pounds on employee sick days every year. Working in a rural location can reduce this cost in two main ways. First, direct health benefits. Staff will be exposed to less air pollution than if they spent their working days in an urban environment. Second, a reduction in stress. Working in a green, open, rural area has a relaxing effect on us, so the many costs of stress will be significantly reduced.

#5 A selling point

Both clients and potential employees will be impressed by your rural offices. Clients will surely be won over by your green offices – and in them, you’ll have unique selling point that could give you the edge over your rivals. Additionally, your rural location can act as an extra bullet point on your job adverts. It’s almost an employee benefit in itself. You’ll be able to attract the top talent to your business, and perhaps even persuade them to join for a lower salary than they might have otherwise looked for.

If you’re considering making the move, contact the Escrick Park Estate team and make an enquiry about our rural offices in Yorkshire.
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