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Rural office charms: A more efficient working environment?

By Helen Pentith  //  Thu 19th September 2013

The office should be a place of productivity, inspiration and organisation, but so often, this is not the case. Sometimes, your workplace can turn into one of the least effective locations for work to actually be completed, meaning the team suffers and, in turn, the business suffers too. Instead of succumbing to the fact that you’re paying money for an office in which no one can get any or enough work done, why not try to create a more efficient work environment?

Escrick Park offers an escape route from city congestion to an inspiring space in the form of 35 commercial properties to let. With a variety of office sizes available and an experienced team on hand to offer you and your business support, moving your office to the countryside could be the answer to creating an environment for your team in which they will flourish. Let’s take a look at what else a rural office could provide for you…

A fresh mind

When you’re sitting in one place for too long, you’re bound to go a little stir-crazy, and the quality of your work is likely to decrease. You and your staff need an office in an environment that allows you to break away from the computer and your work to take time to relax, get some fresh air and regroup. When working in the city, it can be hard to find a moment’s peace that isn’t interrupted by noisy traffic or aggravated commuters. Any spaces available may also be a walk away, meaning missing out on winding-down time because you’re essentially doing a mini-commute to somewhere green. With an office in the countryside, you need only step outside the main door to find a wealth of nature that will help you to gather your thoughts and catch your breath.


Sometimes, it can be difficult to motivate your team, when you’re feeling a little unenthusiastic yourself. Noisy distractions, dull lighting, clutter and small spaces can all rob you of your motivation, and there’s nothing worse than your work suffering because of unrelated stress. If you simply can’t find any motivation in your current work environment, you need to move somewhere you can. What could be more motivational than taking your team for a gorgeous country walk at lunchtime, or giving your team a treat to look forward to, such as an afternoon of fishing, as soon as the necessary work is completed?


What could be less inspiring than a stuffy commute into work? When you work in a busy city, it is hardly surprising that by the time you get to work first thing in the morning, you’re already tired and stressed. Packed tubes, trains and busses, or even busy streets, can be suffocating and cause you to start the day in a bad mood. Wouldn’t an exciting country walk, bike ride or hike into work be far more beneficial? Not only would you and your team be getting the exercise you need every morning, but you could arrive at the office in good spirits, feeling rejuvenated and ready for work. You could even encourage your team to travel to work together, helping them get to know each other better and be supportive of one another.

A change of environment can make all the difference when it comes to attempting to improve the efficiency of your team. It needn’t even be a permanent move; at Escrick Park, you can gain the benefits of a wide open space and inspirational work environment on a flexible and easy term basis. Why not treat your office to a late summer ‘vacation’ to the countryside, or even an autumn break in one of our commercial lets? To discuss your options and see what Escrick Park can offer you and your business, get in touch with a member of the team, today.

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