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Rural wedding guide: what can you expect?

By Helen Pentith  //  Wed 11th December 2013
Escrick Park Rural Wedding Bride and Groom

Everyone has an internal vision of his or her perfect wedding day. While women might discuss nuptials a little more often than men, if the gents are honest with themselves then they’ll have to admit to a charming mental picture of a picturesque rural wedding location, a captivating outdoor marquee and a talented band playing all of their favourite songs. However, the reality of the average wedding differs from the image in one’s head – if you’ve been lucky enough to secure your dream partner, how can you be sure that the rest of your special day lives up to expectations? A rural wedding is the perfect opportunity to add natural splendour, elegance and glamour to your wedding day, but what can you really expect from a wedding set in the majesty of the rural outdoors? We’ve picked out five key features of a rural wedding for you to bear in mind...


Here in Britain we’re blessed with many things, but consistently sunny weather isn’t one of them. If you’re planning to hold your wedding in the great outdoors then it’s important to plan for a little rain. Weddings take a long time to arrange and you can’t be expected to change your plans at the last minute based on the weather forecast alone. Instead, make sure that you arrange for an attractive and weatherproof marquee so that the hairstyles, makeup and clothes of your guests are protected from the elements!

Perfect views

If you wanted to avoid the vagaries of the weather entirely then you could always arrange for your wedding to be held in a closed venue in the city, but where’s the romance in that? The rural British countryside may be exposed to the elements, but in return you’ll have access to stunning natural views and the romantic backdrop of the pastoral landscape. Imagine how much better your wedding pictures will look with trees and fields instead of an uninspiring venue wall in the background!


When arranging for a wedding to be hosted in the picturesque Yorkshire countryside, many city dwellers forget about the practical implications that such a decision can have! Rural England doesn’t always possess the paved streets and asphalted roads of the city, and high-heeled shoes have a tendency to sink into the soft soil of a meadow. Mud can really ruin the legs of one’s suit trousers or the hem of a wedding dress, so make sure that you bring a pair of pumps with you to travel from the car to the venue, and book a marquee boasting a stable floor for you and your guests to dance on in comfort!

Peace and quiet

There really is something to be said for rural isolation. In towns and cities, every conversation and every moment of reflection is accompanied by the noise of traffic, the wail of sirens or the hubbub of a busy street. Not so in the Yorkshire countryside. Here, your rural wedding will take place to the backdrop of birdsong and little else – allowing you to enjoy the chatter of conversation around you, the clink of wine glasses and the music of the band in peace.

A day you’ll remember forever

While in some ways a rural wedding could prove slightly less practical than an urban event, the one thing you’re guaranteed from a celebration here in the Yorkshire countryside is a day you’ll remember forever. Your wedding day is supposed to be a special occasion – a one-off event that’s as individual as it is unique. Anyone can hire out a hotel function room or a town hall for a wedding, but wouldn’t it be more memorable to do something a little out of the ordinary? Here at Escrick Park we hire out our spectacular rural grounds for couples to tie the knot surrounded by pastoral beauty. Escrick Park is conveniently located just a short drive from York, and our wedding service will provide you with high-quality local photographers and marquee hire companies to choose from! To find out more about getting hitched here at Escrick Park, don’t hesitate to contact us today!
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