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Snowbusiness: five ways to have fun in the snow!

By Helen Pentith  //  Wed 29th January 2014
Snow Day Activities

The temperature has well and truly dropped and while we never expected to have a white Christmas, we can certainly look forward to at least a light flurry of snow sooner rather than later! Rather than use the snowy season as an excuse to stay huddled up in bed all day, we think it should be a chance for families and friends to get together and have some real fun. At Escrick Park our Hollicarrs timber lodges provide a great base from which those enjoying their winter holidays can explore our beautiful snow-covered grounds before coming back to warm up with a steaming mug of something hot. If you’re keen to make the most of the snow this year, here are five ways to ensure you have fantastic fun!

Wrap up warm

You won’t enjoy the snow if you’re soaking wet and freezing – it doesn’t take long for gloveless hands to become too numb to roll a snowball! Before venturing outside, make sure you’re wearing thick socks and suitable shoes that will keep the water out. Tuck your trousers into your socks to avoid cold ankles and your t-shirt into your trousers to ensure that your tummy stays nice and warm, particularly when bending over to make a snowman. Gloves, scarves, hats and warm coats will all be necessary if you are to remain warm and stay outside having fun for longer. Try to choose waterproof but breathable clothing, and consider investing in hand warmers to pop into a pocket or glove when needed.

Take your snowman to another level

This year, forget making your standard snowman out of two or three large snowballs. Why not try something a little more ambitious? If there’s a big enough group of you, anything’s possible. Why not try replicating children’s classic The Snowman by piling and shaping the snow rather than rolling balls? You could even attempt a Snowdog! See what accessories you have lying around your lodge that you could take outside with you to create something unique, but don’t sacrifice your own warmth for the sake of decoration!

Build an igloo

You might think building an igloo is pretty much impossible in our English snow, but if you’ve enough time on your hands, it’s quite doable. To build an igloo the very easy way, you need only find a slight slope and gather together a large pile of snow before burrowing into it, patting the snow hard around you as you go. A more complicated approach is to build separate blocks and leave them to freeze solid before piling high and moulding them together, perhaps in an ice-cream tub. Make sure you take care when building so that it lasts until the weather starts to warm up again!

Play footprint tag

Just like normal tag, when playing footprint tag you must catch your friends and tag them to pass it on, but footprint tag restricts the chaser to running in the prints left in the wake of the other players. It makes catching them quickly a struggle and the game of tag a lot more challenging! You’ll have a great laugh trying to work out whose footprints are whose and trying to retrace each other’s footprints – plus it’s a great way to stay warm in the snow! Smaller children will love this game, and it works particularly well on walks, such as on the way to Skipwith Common Nature Reserve.

Go sledging

The hilly terrain that surrounds Escrick Park makes for the ideal opportunity to grab your sleigh, toboggan or bin lid and enjoy shooting down the snowy slopes! You could hold races, mark out courses, time one another and attempt to set a new record or simply spin around on the slippery slopes. You’ll have hours of fun sliding around in the snow, but you must ensure your trousers are suitably waterproof as you’re bound to spend a great deal of time on your bottom!

If you’re keen to take to the countryside and make the most of the snow this winter, why not visit Escrick Park and take a look at some of our gorgeous Hollicarrs timber lodges? Imagine having your very own winter hideaway to escape to! For more information or to arrange a visit, contact the team today.

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