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Teambuilding tips for business success

By Helen Pentith  //  Tue 31st July 2018

The words ‘teambuilding exercises’ have the power to fill many employees with a sense of dread, making them picture uncomfortable assault courses, cringe-inducing ‘trust exercises’ and time spent away from home with colleagues they were never that fond of in the first place. Teambuilding can be important in business, however, so how are you supposed to approach it without having your employees sigh themselves into a coma as a result? Take a look at some of our top teambuilding tips and see for yourself…


Make it fun

The reason why a lot of employees don’t take too kindly to teambuilding exercises is that they can often be considered onerous. They have to take valuable time away from their work and their comfortable homes in order to ‘get to know’ their fellow workers, so it’s hardly surprising that few look upon the prospect with much enthusiasm. Teambuilding exercises needn’t be arduous, however – they should be seen as time away from the desk, in the fresh air, doing enjoyable things. You can help to make it seem like a treat by taking in some enjoyable team-based activities such as outdoor hobbies and sports, rather than relying exclusively on the ubiquitous problem-solving activities some businesses seem to be so keen on.


Create a relaxed atmosphere

If you’re going to get anything out of your teambuilding activities then it’s important that your employees enter into them in the right spirit. If they’re stressed and agitated about the whole thing then they’re unlikely to bond with their fellow workers, so it’s important that you strive to create a relaxed atmosphere in your teambuilding activities. Taking the staff out of the office and out of the urban environment is a good way to create the sense of tranquillity lacking in the hustle and bustle of the city, while activities like fishing, hiking, cycling and kayaking can all help to relax your employees and encourage good-natured conversation and camaraderie. 


Think outside the box

Teambuilding exercises needn’t be boring or predictable, and in fact, whatever you choose to do with your staff should only be limited by your budget and imagination alone. There are countless rural and outdoor activities that can conspire to create bonding experiences and enjoyable memories amongst your employees – from white water rafting to paintballing, rock climbing to off-road driving, orienteering to horse riding and anything in between. Choosing to do something different rather than something expected will allow both you and your employees to get far more from your future teambuilding activities.


Teambuilding activities are only as effective as you make them, so it’s important that you ensure that you go about them in the right way. Taking your company to the countryside is a great way to brush off the stresses and pressures of the office environment, and Escrick Park Estate is the perfect location from which to enjoy countless outdoor activities like those mentioned above. Take a look at the range of rural commercial properties to let on our website and see how your business can benefit from the carefree influence of the countryside, not just temporarily but permanently!

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