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The best cosplay wedding themes

By Helen Pentith  //  Wed 5th November 2014
Cosplay wedding themes

Weddings aren’t just an opportunity to celebrate your love for each other in front of friends and family – they hold such great creative potential, it’s almost irresistible to go all out on a theme. Finding a theme to tie together the personalities and histories of the happy couple can be a tough one, but when they are done well it makes the day all the more memorable. From simple woodland weddings to all-out gore-fest zombie weddings, anything goes. Here are our top five crazy wedding themes…

Zombie wedding

Admittedly, this couple were the winners of a competition that tied their nuptials to the launch of a zombie computer game. However, the absolute dedication to detail on this event is astounding. The wedding party were decked out in zombie makeup and the bride had a black dress to complete the un-dead theme of the day. While it is a very outrageous theme, kudos has to go to them for committing to it as well as to each other!

Shrek wedding

Their own fairytale, this film-loving couple dressed as Shrek and Fiona for their big day. With a surname of Green, it seems only natural that they opted for a Shrek cosplay wedding. Apparently the bride asked her 18-year-old son to dress as the infamous Donkey, but he emphatically declined. Still, the day was themed throughout, with the wedding party dressed as familiar characters from the film to make sure they felt as much as part of the day as the happy couple.

Harry Potter wedding

Another film-inspired event, this Harry Potter wedding had a classy take on the modern favourite. Wands were given to guests as quirky wedding favours, which made for some great photos. At the end of the ceremony, a pyrotechnician even managed to coordinate a goblet of fire for the couple to cast their names into. The small details in this wedding, without lots of official merchandising, meant the couple were able to put their own stamp on it to make it truly unique.

Secret identity wedding

Everyone secretly thinks they’re a superhero, right? Well, this couple let everyone play pretend for the day for their secret identity superhero-themed wedding. Looking normal on the outside, every member of the wedding party held beneath their shirts a secret identity, revealed only in some great wedding photos. This is a brilliant idea for those who want a theme but don’t think full-on cosplay is quite right for them.

Computer game weddings

There are so many of these, it’s hard to choose the best ones. From Super Mario weddings to Halo weddings, computer games have inspired many themed weddings across the world. They’re great for those who love detail, wish to be quirky and share a love of gaming (of course). The great thing about themes such as this is that they can be played out in any location, from a rural wedding venue to beaches and urban cityscapes.

If you are planning your wedding in Yorkshire, why not take the time to talk to the events team at Escrick Park to see how your theme could tie in with the estate and its surroundings?
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