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The perks of an out-of-town workspace: why move to the country?

By Helen Pentith  //  Mon 18th January 2016
If you work in an office job then the chances are good that you work in a town or city centre. For you, the working day probably begins with a busy commute to an ugly building in a part of town you wouldn’t normally choose to visit. The same is undoubtedly true of hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of office workers up and down the country. But does it have to be this way? At Escrick Park Estate we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t. Our out-of-town workspaces provide a beautiful alternative to city centre office spaces, but why should you make the move?

The practical stuff

There are a lot of practical reasons why you should consider relocating your business to one of our rural offices. Take a look at the following perks:
Beat the traffic. Every day thousands of people converge on the city and struggle to cross it by car. The roads are clogged and it can take hours to travel a few scant miles. Not out here in the countryside. The country roads around Escrick Park are quiet even during rush hour, meaning you and your employees can arrive on time, less stressed and more productive than ever.
Avoid the flooding. This winter’s flooding has been particularly bad, but almost every year sees the Ouse burst its banks, inundating York and many other communities throughout Yorkshire. Escrick Park Estate is far enough from the flood plain to avoid the chaos and disruption many Yorkshire workers face each year.
Travel in peace. During rush hour most commuters are heading to York rather than away from it. Our countryside offices give you the chance to do the opposite. You’ll avoid the chaotic road closures that hold up thousands of travellers around York and get to enjoy a few extra minutes in bed each morning.

The emotional stuff

It isn’t just the practical considerations that argue in favour of a move to an out-of-town workspace, however. There are a lot of other reasons that are far harder to quantify. Let’s call them the emotional considerations…
Mood-boosting surroundings. It’s impossible to overstate the impact that the countryside can have on your workforce morale. Our rural commercial offices boast views over the gorgeous Escrick Estate, so your employees will feel their hearts soar when they arrive each morning rather than drop with the prospect of another day’s work.
Peace and quiet. There are far fewer distractions out here in the countryside – no tourists shouting in the streets, no cars and busses blaring past the window and no neighbouring offices bustling about from 9 to 6. You’re free to get on with your work in peace, and even enjoy an invigorating walk on your lunch break.
A responsive landlord. Too many urban landlords view their commercial properties as little more than cash cows. Here at Escrick Park we believe in community – we want our commercial tenants to enjoy their time here and to benefit from all that the estate has to offer. That’s why we’ll always be on hand to help you with any queries or requests you wish to make of us.

Are you ready to make the move to an out-of-town office? Contact the team at Escrick Park today to find out more about our rural commercial lets.

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