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The rural commercial office: a distraction-free environment?

By Helen Pentith  //  Thu 5th September 2013
distraction-free environment

Cities and towns can be distracting places. One of the biggest advantages of urban living is that there’s always something to keep you entertained, but if you’re trying to knuckle down and get your work done in an urban office those distractions can turn into your worst nightmare. This begs the question: is it easier to be productive in a rural office environment? Do rural commercial offices come with the perks of fewer distractions and a reduced propensity to procrastinate? Here’s why we believe the rural office lets here at Escrick Park provide the perfect environment for you and your staff to settle down and concentrate...

Noise pollution

Cities are noisy places, and no matter how effectively soundproofed your office is, you’ll still be forced to contend with the racket seeping in from outside. The average city street will be awash with screeching sirens, bellowing pedestrians, roaring engines and all the usual hubbub and hullabaloo of the street. These noises can cut through your concentration like a hot knife through butter, and you’ll also find that you and your colleagues must raise your own voices in order to be heard over the noise of the outside world. Sticking to your task in such circumstances can be a real challenge, but in a rural office environment, the only sounds you’ll hear will be those of animals, trees, the wind and the rain. It’s so much easier to concentrate in such peaceful, serene surroundings...

Constant activity

As if the noise of the city wasn’t enough to contend with, there’s always something going on out the window to make your gaze wander. The eccentric individuals rushing past on the street below, the constantly ebbing and flowing traffic and the numerous daily goings-on of an average street scene give you ample opportunity to waste your time people-watching. City centre activity never ceases, and unless you can train your mind to shut out the visual stimuli before you, you’ll always struggle to knuckle down. Here in the beautiful English countryside, however, you’ll be presented with the peaceful vistas of nature - it’s a picturesque backdrop to be sure, but there’s nothing going on outside to drag you away from your work.

Things vying for your attention

There will always be plenty of incidental distractions going on outside your office window in order to break your concentration, but on top of these you must resist those influences that are actively vying for your attention. Cities are awash with advertisements, notices, posters and attention-grabbing headlines all screaming ‘look at me!’ in the universal language of imagery. Advertisers are paid hundreds of thousands of pounds every year to attract your attention, so oftentimes you’ll be left to fight a losing battle. Fortunately, ad agencies have yet to find a way to advertise using trees, grass and animals...

Improving concentration

Some people, however, will naturally find it difficult to concentrate regardless of their location. If you’re easily distracted and prone to procrastination, relocating to a rural commercial office can actually give you the opportunity to hone your concentration and improve your ability to stick to a given task. Frequent exercise can help to stop your mind from wandering, and here at Escrick Park you can indulge in hiking, horse riding, cycling and more to keep your body active and your mind focussed. Workers are encouraged to get up and move around when their concentration wavers, too, and a brisk walk around the grounds of Escrick Park Estate will be enough to get anyone’s head in the right place to crack on with work.

The urban environment may be the traditional home of the office worker, but that isn’t to say that it’s the location most conducive to hard work and concentration. We think that your business could become more productive and efficient simply by relocating to the countryside, and if you agree with us, why not take a look at some of the rural commercial offices to let on our website, or contact us for more information?

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