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This Yorkshire life: five things you can do in Yorkshire (that you can't do anywhere else)

By Helen Pentith  //  Wed 23rd October 2013
this yorkshire life

Yorkshire has long been known as ‘God’s own country,’ and the denizens of this county – such as those who spend their summers in our Hollicarrs timber lodges – are rightly proud of their little corner of the world. But what is it that makes Yorkshire so unique? Is it really any different to many of England’s other counties? In order to prove that Yorkshire is a county worth visiting, we’ve decided to list five things you can do in Yorkshire (that you can’t do anywhere else)...

Race a whippet

The whippet is a creature synonymous with Yorkshire, although the breed can of course be found around the world. Historically, where other counties raced greyhounds Yorkshiremen had a penchant for the diminutive but speedy whippet, and the practice of ‘whippet ragging’ caught on. Today, there are still whippet ragging events held as far afield as Australia, but if you want to get back to the true roots of the sport, it has to be Yorkshire!

Visit the Wensleydale Creamery

Two of Yorkshire’s most famous sons, Wallace and Gromit, are inordinately fond of the county’s signature cheese, Wensleydale. We can’t say that we blame them! If you’re a cheese fan yourself, what better way to cap off your visit than with a trip to where the magic happens? The Wensleydale Creamery is where all Wensleydale is born, and today the site offers an interactive tour for cheese fans to enjoy. Where else but Yorkshire?

Visit the museum of Victorian science

If you fancy yourself a bit of a steampunk then you could do worse than pay a visit to Whitby’s Museum of Victorian Science. It’s full of weird and wonderful paraphernalia from a less enlightened age, and visitors of all ages will marvel at the glass, brass and wooden contraptions on display. Unique attractions are a Yorkshire forte...

Try ferret legging

It seems that almost every county in England has its own bizarre local sport - just think of the Gloucestershire cheese rolling championships! In Yorkshire, however, the undisputed king of wacky sports is undoubtedly ferret legging. Competitors must retain a live ferret in their trousers for as long as possible, with the person who can keep the animal under wraps for the longest time eventually named the victor. Apparently, the sport arose when poachers were forced to smuggle their hunting ferrets under the noses of the authorities in any way possible!

Make Yorkshire pudding

I know what you’re thinking: ‘anyone can make Yorkshire pudding at home!’ While it’s true that the traditional dish is hardly a complex one, Yorkshire residents are particularly proud of their batter-y little disks and believe that they must be made to exacting standards. Did you know, for example, that the Royal Society of Chemistry decreed that a Yorkshire pudding could never be less than four inches tall? Come to Yorkshire and find out how it’s done…

Yorkshire is a unique and varied county home to more activities than you can shake a flat cap at! Why not take a look at our log cabin holiday homes and start to explore Yorkshire at your leisure this year?

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