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What makes the perfect office environment?

By Helen Pentith  //  Wed 14th January 2015

Every office is different, and every company is different. While a company’s choice of office is largely dictated by budget, there are plenty of other factors that may contribute to a chosen office space. Here at Escrick Park, we let rural offices in Yorkshire to businesses from across the UK. We believe that our offices hold many benefits for employers who are looking for a new office environment for their business. The perfect office environment varies depending on many factors, but we’d like to think that we come close! We’re posing you a question: what would your ideal office look like?

#1: The right layout

Open plan offices are the norm these days, given their relative affordability, but they have many problems. While they make conversation with colleagues easier, they can also make it harder to concentrate and don’t give us any privacy when making important calls to clients. Our perfect office contains a combination of open areas, outside space, welcoming break rooms and quiet, closed spaces that can be used for meetings, interviews, or just when you need utmost concentration to get through a daunting workload.

#2: A well-stocked break room

Relaxed office spaces don’t have to reach Google levels of quirk to be effective. However much you want a slide, ball pit or a caravan in your office, chances are it’s not going to happen. However, even on a small budget it’s possible to make your office a more welcoming place for your employees, simply by maintaining a well-stocked break room. Keep a stash of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate in your kitchen for employees to use whenever they want. Extend this to free biscuits, cake, fruit and other snacks at least once a week. Encourage employees to bring in and share cakes and other baked goods that they’ve made. This will boost morale and improve relations between colleagues.

#3: Natural light

Studies have shown that natural light improves our mood as well as our health. A boxed-in city centre office with tiny, north-facing windows isn’t likely to inspire confidence. We like offices with plenty of light, and an interior design that allows this light to reach the whole office. Having a great view out of the office’s windows certainly doesn’t hurt, either!

#4: The right people

A good office building and layout means nothing if the employees who work in it don’t work well together. While the office atmosphere will be determined by many different factors, an open, friendly atmosphere is almost always preferred. Employees should feel valued, confident, and feel able to discuss almost any matter with their managers without fearing judgment. The best office environments encourage innovation and creativity.

#5: Location

Offices need to be easy for staff members to get to. Free parking is another huge boon. The office’s location should be quiet and peaceful, and provide staff with plenty to do during lunch hours. A rural office ticks all of these boxes, with the lush green surroundings helping employees to relax during their breaks. Escrick Park’s rural offices lie in the heart of Yorkshire, less than 20 minutes from central York.

If the Escrick Park offices sound ideal to you, contact our commercial lets team to learn more.
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