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What you need from an office environment

By Helen Pentith  //  Fri 22nd February 2013

Picture the scene: it's Monday morning, your alarm buzzes in your ear and another long week at the office beckons. Dragging your sorry corpse out of bed and into the shower seems like an almighty chore, and it's all you can manage to choke down some breakfast before trudging out of the front door and beginning the journey to the office. If this morning routine strikes you as being in any way familiar, perhaps you should be looking at a few features to help perk up life around the office. Could these essential attributes help to make your working hours a little more bearable?

A pain-free commute

First things first, you're going to have to actually get to the office. Shoehorning yourself into a commuter train or sitting in an immobile queue of rush hour traffic is no way to start the working day and it's liable to get you stressed before your shift has even started. Imagine a short, relaxing drive through the countryside to your new rural office - wouldn't that be something to treasure?

Coffee making facilities

Few office workers would describe themselves as being 'morning people', and let's be honest, we're rarely at our best first thing until we've had a hot, steaming cup of Java. Your company's coffee making facilities are vital oases in the desert of flagging focus and drooping eyelids that is the office environment, and the perfect spot to catch up with your favourite colleagues.

A comfortable chair

Office workers are sat at their desks for countless hours every day, and as backsides and waistbands begin to expand, back problems and posture issues can also develop at an alarming rate of knots. Your office furniture should provide you with the comfort and support you need to perform your job without the accompanying health issues.

A room with a view

Keeping your chin up throughout the 9-to-5 working week can be extremely difficult if you're cloistered away in an artificially lit, urban office environment. A clean, well-lit place replete with large windows and views of beautiful rural England sounds like an impossible dream for most office workers, but it really doesn't have to be if you can find a countryside office to let...

Downtime done properly

Most office workers look forward to the sense of respite engendered by the lunch hour, but where do you go to enjoy your midday repast? Do you eat your packed lunch at your desk in order to maximise productivity? Do you pop outside to stand in the queue at the local Subway with all the other nine-to-fivers? Life should be about more than this, and your lunch hour is precious, so why not enjoy it? How about enjoying a meal al fresco, surrounded by fresh air, wildlife and nature?

While some of the aforementioned office attributes are easy enough to come across, others are rarer and more precious. That isn't to say that they're unattainable however, and a stress-free, rural office environment can be yours in the beautiful rural landscape just outside of York. If you think your workforce could benefit from the advantages of taking your office away from the city, take a look at some of the rural offices available to let on our website and change the way you approach the working world this year.

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