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Why a rural winter wedding?

By Helen Pentith  //  Wed 1st October 2014
Snowy wedding

Summer is often the season of choice for weddings, but a rural winter wedding could be the perfect choice for something a little bit different. Here are six reasons to consider holding your wedding during wintertime.

The weather

Before your thoughts head to the persistent rain and grey skies, think again. Timing your wedding just right could mean romantic snow scenes, frosty mornings and that unique winter sunlight for perfect photo opportunities.

The key to a successful winter wedding is to plan for all eventualities. You can even make the unpredictability a part of the event, with bridal wellingtons or Just Married umbrellas to use on the way to the reception. Just make sure that your suppliers have a bad weather contingency plan, and roll with whatever the day brings.

More willing guests

How many weddings have you been to in the summertime? Come September, wedding fatigue has set in and your guests might not feel as in the moment as you’d like. Having a rural winter wedding means your special day will be an event they look forward to in the quieter months so they’ll be fully immersed in your special day.

Weddings are expensive for guests too, so by summer’s end they’re weary of spending. However, come winter they’ll revel in the opportunity to treat themselves to a new wedding outfit, and you might even find that your wedding gift pile is larger too!

Discounts galore

Check with your suppliers to find out if they will offer a winter discount. A quieter time of year means they are less in demand, so your negotiation wiggle room is far greater. Photographers, caterers, musicians, florists – any supplier should be willing to barter a bit for a wedding in the winter months.

If you’re particularly savvy, you could also make the most of seasonal favours and decorations. From pinecones as place settings to using the venue’s existing decorations to boost your own, there are many money-saving opportunities.

Scrummy food

Crisp salad leaves do well on a hot summer’s day, but winter weddings mean you can go all out on a true feast of warming food. From mulled wine to roast dinners, the culinary options of a winter wedding are vast. Seasonal vegetables are particularly tasty, and once again an opportunity to negotiate a discount with caterers.

You can also offer unique alternatives to traditional after-dinner coffees or desserts. Perhaps hot chocolate supplied with a miniature favour of Irish cream, or even a stack of mince pies to nibble on while the photos are being taken.

Winter decorations

Make the most of the festive season by incorporating winter greens, berries and warm colours into your decorations. There is something very homely about a reception decked out in warm reds and golds, with scents such as cinnamon and orange evoking nostalgic memories.

Alternatively you could create an iced wonderland, with blues and silvers as the colour scheme. That way you can get that wintry feeling even if it doesn’t snow.

Extended wardrobe options

A summer wedding has the unpredictability of being too hot, leaving the bride and groom uncomfortable in their outfits. But planning a winter wedding means you can guarantee at least lower temperatures to keep comfortable. Even better, there are more options to put a true personality stamp into outfits, such as a stylish dress coat for the bride and a luxury scarf to keep the chill from the groom’s shoulders.

Rural winter weddings are often left behind in planning considerations, but should you plan ahead they can provide a truly special day. Every time the festive season rolls around, your guests will fondly remember the day in a snow-covered rural wedding venue when their friends tied the knot.
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