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Why we love winter at Escrick Park

By Helen Pentith  //  Wed 6th November 2013

Here in the UK, we’re lucky to live in a seasonal country where we need only wait a few months before the climate changes again. Spare a thought for those who live along the equator where the weather comes in varying degrees of hot and wet all year round! Here at Escrick Park in rural Yorkshire, we get proper winters and those people who own one of our Hollicarrs holiday homes are able to enjoy them in person! Just take a look at five things we love about winter here at Escrick Park; with your own Hollicarrs lodge, we’re pretty sure you’ll love them too...

Watching the rural landscape transform

One of the most satisfying things about living in the country is that you get to see the seasons change in a profound and literal way. As the green leaves and lush landscapes of summer give way to the reds, browns and flaming oranges of autumn, we begin to look forward to the sometimes bleak but often beautiful transformation of the countryside in winter. Snow, ice and frost will blanket rivers, meadows and trees on certain special days, while evergreen leaves will provide stark contrast to the skeletal branches of deciduous woodland. Our log cabin holiday homes are great locations to see this transition in person!

Pulling out the winter wardrobe

One of our favourite things about winter is the chance to put away those strappy tops, shorts, T-shirts and sunglasses in favour of a more wintry wardrobe. Thick coats, woolly jumpers, cosy scarves and warming cardigans become our constant companions during the winter months, and while it may not be nice to feel cold all the time, it’s certainly pleasant to dress up against the elements and head out for a bracing winter walk. There’s nothing quite like it!

Spotting changes in the natural world

Plant life isn’t the only thing to undergo a change during the winter months, of course. Our native animal species have their own ways of coping with the winter, whether they abandon our shores for warmer climes, hibernate until the seasons change once more or take on a darker, thicker coat like our fallow deer. Winter is a great time of year to spot animal behaviours that you don’t get a chance to see during the other seasons.

Cosying up against the elements

There are times, however, when venturing outside is the last thing on your mind during the winter months. When the mercury plunges below zero, the wind is blowing and the outside world looks like something from a disaster movie, a cosy day indoors beckons. In our snug and secure log cabins, every winter holiday becomes an adventure - what better way to await the arrival of Christmas than to batten down the hatches and enjoy some favourite family films as the snow falls and the wind blows outside?

Mulled wine and winter festivities

Everyone loves Christmas, and if they tell you otherwise then they’re not being entirely honest with themselves! Christmas is the time for goodwill to all men, and as far as Escrick Park is concerned that means mulled wine, decorations, beautiful gifts and spending time with loved ones. Why not make an enquiry about one of our log cabin holiday homes today, and consider spending Christmas with us here in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside this year?

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