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We would like to wish all our readers a
Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2018.  

This is the longest day today, Winter Solstice.  But this year our owners at Hollicarrs aren’t planning to escape the long nights and morning frosts with a trip to warmer climes. Instead, they are choosing to spend our time in the wonderful Yorkshire countryside. A holiday lodge in Yorkshire might not initially seem the ideal location for a winter break, but we’re here to argue otherwise! Yorkshire was recently named the best visitor destination in Europe for the second year running, and in winter the county has plenty to offer. A week in one of our holiday lodges this winter can be a fantastic experience and the perfect way to spend your winter break.

So, what can you get up to during your winter visit?


Winter landscapes undoubtedly make great subjects for photographers of all skill levels. Whether it’s stunning winter sunrises, frosty fields or snowy woodland filling your viewfinder, there’s plenty of great material for you to work with. The Hollicarrs are situated on the Escrick Park estate, surrounded by diverse Yorkshire countryside and situated only minutes away from a nature reserve. If you’re spending some time with the family, you can still integrate a spot of photography with your holiday. Challenge your kids and other family members to see who can take the best picture of a certain scene, or who can grab the best shot of winter wildlife.

A writer’s retreat

Winter is one of the most peaceful seasons, and a break spent in the tranquil Yorkshire countryside could give writers all the inspiration they need to overcome writer’s block or make a start on that novel that you always wanted to write. A morning stroll in the chilly Yorkshire countryside will provide plenty of inspiration for a day of writing, painting, drawing or crafting. If you’re looking for a way to foster your creativity, a stay at a holiday lodge during winter will surely provide you with the perfect opportunity.

Card, board, and parlour games

Charades isn’t the only way to keep the family occupied during your winter break. Don’t forget to bring along tried-and tested board games such as Twister, Pictionary and Cranium, alongside other classic games such as Uno, Jenga, and – for grown ups – new games such like Cards Against Humanity. Introduce your kids to classic parlour games such as consequences, twenty questions and charades. These games are sure to brighten up winter evenings.

Winter walks

The winter weather is very variable, but if you’re lucky you’ll be able to make the most of some winter sunshine. Wrap up warm and head into the countryside (remember to take a map, a fully-charged phone, and plenty of food and drink). Explore the area surrounding your holiday lodge, locate the nearest village, stop for a pub lunch and find a different route to return on. A winter walk will warm you up and show you a whole different side to the countryside.

Treasure hunts

We all loved taking part in homemade treasure hunts when we were kids. Even if the prize at the end was a single sweet, it was the hunt itself that was the fun part! A holiday lodge is a great location for a treasure hunt – it’s unlikely that you’ll be entirely familiar with the ins and outs of the property, and you can venture into the countryside to plant more clues. Simply write a selection of clues that lead the hunters to their next location. Add small prizes along the way, if you like. Treasure hunts can make great party games for adults, too!

This winter, Escrick Park is offering a special deal on Hollicarrs Holiday Homes. Try before you buy with a no obligation three-day stay at any of our available properties. Speak to the team on 0800 9808070 to find out more.

Wishing you Seasons Greetings!

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