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Yorkshire wildlife watch: five unusual species on Escrick Park's doorstep

By Helen Pentith  //  Fri 23rd November 2012

The Yorkshire countryside is one of the finest, most unspoilt examples of nature in the whole of the United Kingdom, and this pristine natural environment is home to many kinds of rare and unusual species. Escrick Park's rural estate and the surrounding landscape is a haven for wildlife, so what unusual animals might you spot when working from our rural commercial office lets?

Wild boars

Wild boar used to be common sights around the UK many years ago, but today they're far harder to come across. Many breeders raise these animals in farms around the country for their delicious meat, but amazingly, wild boars have begun to be sighted in small numbers living free in the British countryside! If you're very lucky, you might just spot a few of these animals in the countryside around York, like Escrick Park Estate.


These tiny birds of prey are specialised at hunting other bird species thanks to their incredible aerial manoeuvrability. These beautiful little animals are found throughout the UK but are difficult to spot outside of rural locations like the countryside around Escrick Park, so keep your eyes peeled while you're working from our rural commercial lets or staying in our Hollicarrs Holiday Park!

Brown hares

Not to be confused with the common rabbit, the brown hare is one of the most endangered animals in the UK. Brown hares are larger than rabbits, have much taller ears and stronger back legs, and unlike rabbits, spend their entire lives above ground. Hares are easy to spot during the early spring, when they 'box' and leap through the air as part of their annual mating behaviour - keep your eyes peeled for them in the farmland around York.

Peregrine Falcons

Peregrine falcons are some of Britain's rarest predatory birds, and such animals are certainly worth going out of your way to spot. There are two locations in Yorkshire where you can see peregrines in their natural environment, both a little over an hour's drive from Escrick Park Estate. Malham Cove is well worth a visit anyway as it's one of the county's most spectacular beauty spots, but it plays host to a breeding pair of falcons, too, as does Sheffield University, remarkably!


Otters are impossible not to love, with the playful, cute little mammals among everyone's favourite sights in a picturesque rural river. Otter numbers had declined year after year as pollution and habitat depletion took their toll, but recent years have seen them undergo a welcome recovery. The rivers, streams and lakes of rural Yorkshire are now home to a significant number of otters - they've even been spotted in urban locations such as Leeds railway station!

The rare and beautiful wildlife found across Yorkshire is just one of the reasons why you should consider relocating your office to one of our rural commercial lets, so why not join us at Escrick Park Estate and experience the wonders of nature on our doorstep?
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