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Fri 12th February 2016

New Obstacles for the Spring

Rideways has seen the wettest season ever and for the first time in 22 years, the obstacles were closed.
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So many people have been suffering with flooding, in houses, agricultural land and businesses in the area and the land is generally very sodden.  But, we are pleased to announce that the jumps are open once again, but there are some boggy areas so we we ask all riders to check every jump before attempting. The water splash in the park, jumps 2 and 14 & 16 remain closed do to pooling water.

However, the lighter nights are starting to arrive and the land is slowly drying out and we can all look forward to spring. 

Whilst the weather has been so damp, we have had our joiners in the workshop making some new fences.  These will be out on the course soon and we are delighted to introduce some mini fences which will be added at the same time.

We have the Endurance Ride at Escrick Park on the 21st February, this is a great event for people to be introduced to Rideways in a group ride and none members of the EGB can attend.  Please contact the organiser Angela Healds on 01977 685613 or 07710 286225 for details or to book.  

The Highland Pony Society will be holding a ride on the 12th March.  Highland pony enthusiasts & members are welcome to attend. Please contact the organiser Anne on

We look forward to seeing you out and about on Rideways soon.

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