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Rideways FAQs

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Is there plenty of room for me to park my horse box?
There is a large parking area with ample turning space and good access onto the A19.
How long is the course?
There are two courses, the Cross Country Route which is a circular 7 miles and the Extended Hacking is 20 miles.
How long does a day pass allow riders to stay?
Day passes are for the whole day so you are able to ride the course more than once. We have a good grass area for tethering your horse or pony if you wish to linger. In the summer, visitors often bring a picnic to enjoy in the surroundings.
Are the jumps difficult?
Obstacles vary around the course from very small simple logs to solid 1m uprights. All are very friendly and in most cases 5m wide, however, obstacles are all optional and if you do not want to jump, simply hack past.
How can I avoid busy days?
We have over 100 annual members, but due to the size of the course, generally there is room for all. However, we do have several annual bookings made by various groups and if you wish to avoid these dates, please click our Events Calendar' tab for full information.
What if I have an emergency or get lost during my ride?
We ask all riders to carry a personal mobile phone with them on their ride. Information numbers are displayed at the start of the course which we ask all riders to key into their contact list. If you are intending to visit, please make a note of this now: 07970 782 286 or 01757 249412. This number is available during all daylight hours 7 days a week.

In a case of extreme emergency, please dial 999 and quote your nearest postcode from the map.  Also, jumps are numbered for location purposes.
I have heard that there is a cattle grid near the entrance?
Due to the nature of the Estate and the various activities that are shared on the land, including sheep grazing, there is a cattle grids to the entrance (50m from the car parking) and one to the hacking exit out of the park. However, there is a wood gate provided to the A19 entrance which may be closed if riders are concerned. There is a handgate with easy opening to all other gates and in one instance there is an obstacle to jump out instead of opening the gate.
Is direction around the courses clearly marked?
Green arrows indicate the cross country circuit. Blue arrows are used for the extended hacking, both courses are linked.
Are there maps available?
Maps for both the short cross country course and the extended hacking are available on request.
Is the course patrolled?
We have several Rideway Stewards who ride the course checking for payment details.  None payers will be asked to leave immediately.
How do I pay?
If you have not visited Rideways previously, we would ask you to contact the office. During the week the Estate Office is open to take your fees and issue maps and a pass for the day.

During the weekend, we have a different procedure.  Please follow the full instructions on the board.  From the map box take a map and form, complete the form and post the top portion with your fees in the fees box.  The bottom portion of the voucher must be carried with you on your ride.  

Wardens patrol the course and will stop to ask you for details.and to see your voucher.
Am I allowed to bring my dog?
Strictly no dogs on the course.  However, there is a permissive path around the Temple Walk which may be used if required.
Are we allowed to bring cycles
Cycles are allowed by prior permission only and would only be permitted to accompany a loan rider.
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