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Heathland Hebridean Hogget

A delicious taste of Escrick

Traditional grazing of heathlands with Hebridean sheep is a vital part of the conservation work that keeps this endangered habitat and its wildlife in good condition.  Hebridean sheep are an ancient and hardy breed, similar to sheep that will have grazed across our heathlands since the Bronze Age. 

Heathland Hebridean Hogget, from the flocks that graze Skipwith National Nature Reserve is available in half or whole boxes from Mounfields butchers in Bubwith near Skipwith.  Hebridean meat has a lower cholesterol content than meat from commercial breeds of sheep.

"The meat from Hebridean sheep is unique. It has a rich, dark colour, succulent tender texture, and a gamey, utterly delicious flavour. Tasted against locally produced butcher's lamb and some very good Welsh lamb, there was no contest: the Hebridean won hands down. It was tender with a really good bite, and rich but didn't leave that greasy, fatty taste in the mouth. And it was so full of flavour that some of the young tasters couldn't believe it really was lamb.”
Alex Barker: Guild of Food Writers

Our Heathland Hebridean Hogget is from animals less than 2 years old.  Being from a slow-maturing breed, heathland Hebridean meat is best enjoyed when the sheep have reached their full size and the distinctive taste has developed fully.  The traditional, longer hanging time, means that the Heathland Hebridean Hogget is tender and succulent.  We also have Heathland Hebridean mutton by arrangement.

Whole boxes

15 - 20kg hogget
2 legs, on the bone / 2 shoulders, on the bone / loin chops / 2 kidneys / mince
Whole hogget box collected from Mounfields at Bubwith £130.00

Half boxes

7 - 10kg hogget
1 leg on the bone / 1 shoulder, on the bone / loin chops / 1 kidney / mince
Half hogget box collected from Mounfields at Bubwith £70.00

Hebridean sheep form a vital part of the conservation management of the Skipwith Common National Nature Reserve.  All our sheep are registered and pedigree, contributing to the genetic flock, although they are no longer classified as a rare breed, in no small part due to our flock which is one of the largest in the country with about 500 sheep at any one time.

Enjoy this natural and tasty product in the knowledge that you are helping to protect a precious landscape.

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