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Come and ride in our open parkland and secluded woodland, the 6.5 mile loop takes approximately 1.5 hours to 2 hours to complete, but you get all day to explore with your ticket. A traffic free course suitable for all levels, with jumps from 20cm up to over 1.5m all optional. There is ample horse box parking with toilet facilities available.

Rideways are open daily from dawn to dusk. Please book online before turning up using the booking link below.

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  • How long does a day pass allow riders to stay?
    Day passes are for the whole day so you are able to ride the course more than once. We have a good grass area for tethering your horse or pony if you wish to wait around. In the summer, visitors often bring a picnic to enjoy in the surroundings.
  • How long is the course?
    There are two courses, the Cross Country Route which is a circular 6.5 miles and the Extended Hacking routes cover over 20 miles in total.
  • How difficult are the jumps?
    Obstacles vary around the course from very small simple logs to solid 1m uprights. All are very friendly and in most cases 5m wide, however, obstacles are all optional and if you do not want to jump, simply hack past.
  • Are walkers/cyclists allowed on the course?
    Unfortunately, walkers are not allowed on the Rideways course for Health & Safety reasons.  However, we do allow ONE cyclist to accompany a lone rider – booking through the normal day rider form.
  • What if I have an emergency or get lost during my ride?
    We ask all riders to carry a personal mobile phone with them on their ride. Information numbers are displayed at the start of the course which we ask all riders to key into their contact list. If you are intending to visit, please make a note of this now: 01904 728252 or 01757 249412 This number is available during all daylight hours 7 days a week. In a case of extreme emergency, please dial 999. Also, jumps are numbered for location purposes.

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Dog Run

The Dog Run is a fully fenced area providing just under an acre of space to let your dog roam free without the need of a lead. With obstacles spread around the Dog Run and plenty of space to roam there is lots to keep them entertained.  
Please note the dog run is for personal not business use, so if you are a dog walker or a dog trainer please do not book using the online booking system. For dog walker and dog trainer enquiries please email us directly on

Dog run bookings

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  • Do I need to book?
    Yes, please use the online booking portal to book your 30-minute timeslot.
  • When does my time slot start and finish?
    Due to the back to back nature of the time slots please ensure that you have left the dog run and you dog is back in its vehicle before the half an hour expires. This will avoid any crossover with other dog run users.
  • How many dogs can I bring?
    The dog run is intended for use of up to 3-5 dogs from the same household at any one time. If you are booking over 3 dogs there is an additional charge booked through the online system. If you have more or are a professional dog walker looking to use the facility, please get in touch with us directly.
  • Can I come with a friend?
    Due to the parking situation we are asking people to travel in one car and only one household’s dogs at any one time.
  • How secure is the dog run?
    It is fenced on all four sides, 2 sides with a 7ft+ fence and 2 sides with a fence and hedge. Whilst we have endeavoured to ensure that the dog run is always inescapable please pay close attention to your dogs. It is your responsibility to ensure they stay within the dog run.
  • Is there access to water on the site?
    There is a water pipe along the fence line inside the Dog Run.

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